Responsibility For The Battery Task Force For Terminal High-Altitude Air Defense

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Problem Statement
7th ID provides Security Force (SECFOR) support to a Terminal High-Altitude Air Defense (THAAD) firing battery Task Force (TF) in the PACOM AOR. SECFOR consists of a Company(-) of 71 personnel conducting fixed-site security and 1 medic conducting medical support to the TF. Responsibility for the SECFOR mission will transition from 25th ID in early January 2017 and will reside with 7th ID until relieved, which is currently anticipated to be in early December 2017. During that time, both of 7th ID’s SBCT’s and DIVARTY will undergo NTC rotations and associated ITS preparation, as well as Pacific Response Force (PRF) responsibility, Pacific Pathways (PP) rotations and other partnership events. 16th CAB, 17th FAB, 201st EMIB and 555th EN support numerous CTC rotations as echelon above brigade (EAB) enablers, engage in exercises with international partners and prepare to deploy to conduct missions in
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Facts Bearing on the Problem
Below is a list of known facts that were taken into consideration throughout the decision making process:
• All organic SBCT BN’s will participate in NTC or PP rotations during SECFOR.
• The process for aligning the SECFOR to 555th EN requires I Corps, USARPAC, and ARSTAF approval, followed by FORSCOM concurrence.
• One internal rotation is authorized at the 6-month point.
• Deploying Soldiers do not require official passports for official travel with orders.
• PDSS will be funded by supported unit (up to 2 PAX).
• SECFOR moves with the supported unit in the event of mission relocations.
• Supported unit is not averse to receiving support from an aggregate task-organized SECFOR unit from one parent

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