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Injured nerve: fracture of surgical neck
Axillary n.
Injured nerve: dislocation of humerus
Axillary n
Injured root: cervical disk lesion
C7 root
Injured nerve: midshaft fracture of humerus
Radial n in spiral groove
Injured nerve: subluxation of radius
Radial n (deep branch)
Injured nerve: superficial laceration of palm
Recurrent branch of median n
Injured nerve: trauma to heel of hand
Ulnar n
Injured nerve: fracture o fhook of hamate
Ulnar n
Injured nerve: carpal tunnel syndrome
Median n
Injured nerve: dislocated lunate
Median n
Injured nerve: fracture of medial epicondyle of humerus
Ulnar n
Injured nerve: supracondylar fracture of humerus
Median n
Injured nerve: incorrect use of a crutch
Radial n
Injured nerve(s) : Cervical rib
Lower trunk of brachial plexus
Injured nerve (s): pancoast tumor
Lower trunk of brachial plexus
Erb Duchenne Palsy
Traction or tear of upper trunk of brachial plexus (C5-C6); blow to shoulder or trauma during delivery
-Limb hangs by side (paralysis of abductors), medially rotated (paralysis of lateral rotators), pronated (loss of biceps)
Klympke's palsy and thoracic outlet syndrome
Embryologic or childbirth defect affecting inferior trunk of brachial plexus (C8, T1)
Cervical rib can compress subclav a and infer trunk resulting in thoracic outlet syndrome.
Thoracic outlet syndrome
(1) atrophy of thenar and hypothenar eminence
(2) atrophy of interosseous mucles
(3) sensory deficits on medial side of forearm and hand
Ulnar claw
Distal ulnar lesion "pope's blessing"
Loss of medial lumbrical fct; 4th and 5th digits are clawed
Median claw
Distal median nerve lesion (after branch w/C5-C6 branch off to feed forearm flexors)
Loss of lateral lumbrical fct; 2nd and 3rd digits clawed
Ape hand
Proximal median n lesion
Loss of opponens pollicis muscle fct
Unopposabl thumb (inability to abduct thumb)
Klumpke's total claw
Lesion of lower trunk C8 T1 of brachial plexus
Loss of fct of all lumbricals; forarm finger flexors (fed by part of median n w/C5-C7) and finger extensors (fed by radial n) unopposed; leads to clawing of digits
Wrist drop
Radial n injury
Provides innervation of brachioradialis, extensors of wrist and fingers, supinator, and triceps
Thenar muscles
Opponens pollicis, Abductor pollicis brevis, Flexor pollicis brevis
Hypothenar muscles
Opponens digiti minimi, abductor digiti minimi, flexor digiti minimi
Dorsal interosseous muscles fct
Abduct fingers
Palmar interosseous muscles
Adduct fingers
Lumbrical muscles
Flex at MP joint
Repetive elbow trauma
Leads to tiny tears in tendons and muscles; may be inflammatory
Lateral epicondylitis (tennis elbow)
Medial epicondylitis (golf elbow)
Axillary n (roots)
Axillary nerve motor
Arm abduction at shoulder
Axillary nerve sensory
Over deltoid
Radial nerve roots
Radial nerve motor
Wrist extension
Finger extension at mcp
Thumb extension/abduction
Radial nerve sensory deficit
Post arm and dorasal hand and thumb
Median nerve roots
Median nerve motor deficit (proximal injury)
opposition of thumb
Median nerve sensory (proximal injury)
Dorsal palm, later 3/5 fingers and thenar eminence
"Ape hand"
Median nerve damage (proximal)
Median nerve motor deficit (distal injury)
lateral finger flexion
Wrist flexion
Median nerve sensory deficit (distal injury)
Dorsal and palmer aspects of lateral 3.5 fingers
"pope's blessing"
Distal damage to median n
Ulnar n motor deficit (proximal)
Medial finger flexion
Wrist flexion
Ulnar n sensory deficit (proximal or distal)
Medial 1.5 fingers, hypothenar eminence
Ulnar n "sign" (proximal vs distal)
Proximal: radial deviation upon wrist extension
Distal: ulbar claw hand (when asked to straighten fingers)
Musculocutaneous nerve roots
Musculocutaneous n motor deficit
Flexion of arm and elbow
Musculocutaneous n sensory deficit
Lateral arm
Obduratory nerve roots
Cause of injury to obduratory nerve
Anterior hip dislocation
Motor deficit in obduratory nerve injury
Thigh adduction
Sensory deficit in obduratory nerve injury
Medial thigh
Femoral nerve roots
Cause of injury to femoral nerve
Pelvic fracture
Motor deficit in femoral nerve injury
Thigh flexion
Leg extension
Common peroneal nerve roots
L4,5, S1, S2
Cause of injury to common peroneal nerve
trauma to lateral aspect of leg or fibula fracture
Motor deficit seen in common peroneal nerve damage
Foo eversion and dorsiflexion
Toe extension
Sensory deficit seen in common peroneal nerve damage
Anterolateral leg and dorsal foot
Tibial nerve roots
Cause of injury to tibial nerve
Knee trauma
Motor deficit seen in tibial nerve damage
Foot inversion and plantar flexion
Toe flexion
Sensory deficit seen in tibial nerve damage
Sole of foot
Superior gluteal roots
L4,L5, S1
Cause of injury to superior gluteal n
Post hip dislocation or polio
Motor deficit seen in superior gluteal nerve injury
Thigh abduction "trendelenberg's sign"
Inferior gluteal n roots
L5, S1, S2
Cause o finjury to superior gluteal nerve roots
Posterior hip dislocation
Motor deficit seen in superior gluteal nerve injury
Can't jump, climb stairs, or stand from sitting
Nerve providing sensory to side of foot (dorsal)
Sural n
Nerve providing sensory to dorsal of foot and anterolateral leg?
Superficial peroneal
Nerve providing sensory to web b/w big and 2nd toe
Deep peroneal
Nerve providing sensory to plantar toe and medial ball of foot?
Deep peroneal
Nerve providing sensory to medial heel
Nerve providing sensory to lateral plant portion of foot?
Superficial peroneal
Nerve providing sensory to back of lower limb?
Saphenous (branch of femoral)