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What per diem rate is used to determined TLE reimbursement?
What is the maximum reimbursement for TLE expenses when the member and dependents occupy temporary quarters on the same or different days?
Lodging reimbursement is limited to what cost if government quarters are available and other lodging is used?
government quarters'
When member-married -to-member who is authorized reimbursement for TLE? Can both claim the same the dependent or each other for TLE?
How many day of TLE is authorized for PCS to and CONUS PDS?
10 days
What is TLE?
TLE is intended to partially pay for lodging/meal expenses when a member/dependents occupy temporary quarters in CONUS due to a PCS
Where can TLE be used?
In the vicinity of the old PDS or new PDS, within a reasonable commuting distance. (2 hours roundtrip of PDS)
How many days of TLE is authorized for a PCS to an OCONUS PDS?
5 days
You are authorized 5 days of TLE if reporting to your first_____?
CONUS HOR or intial technical school
You can be authorized how many days for which the Secretaries Concerned have collectively prescribed a temporary increase
due to (Effective for TLE incurred 30 May 2006 through and including 31 December 2009):
1. A major disaster (PDS must be located in a Presidentially-declared disaster area), or
2. the PDS is experiencing a sudden increase in number of members assigned?
20 days