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What is the difference between unity of command and unity of direction?
Unity of command requires that each employee report to only one boss
What is the relationship between the chain of command and the span of management?
a tall organization has many levels with narrow spans of management
What do the terms differentiation and intergration mean
With division of labor, employees have specialized jobs
What is the difference between responsibility and authority?
Responsibility and authority must be balanced to get the job done
Can accountability be delegated?
As a manager, you delegate responsibility and a authority to perform task , but you should realize that you can never delegate accountability
How does the scope of authority change throughout an organization , and what is the flow of responsibility, authority, and accountability?
The scope of authority is a hierarchy that narrows as it flows down the organization
What is the difference between General Staff specialist staff?
Staff authority is the responsibility to advise and assist other personnel
What does an organization Chart Show? What doesn't it show?
An organisation chart shows the level of management hierarchy, chain of command, division and type of work, and departmentalization
What is the difference between product and customer departmentalization
The functional approach is the form most widely used by small organizations
What is the difference between a network structure and a virtual organisation
Matrix departmentalization combines functional and product departmentalization
What is job design, and why is it necessary?
Job simplification, job expansion, in work teams are types of job design
What is the difference between in integrated work team any self managed work team?
Usually self managed teams operate without a designated manager
Why is the strength of employees need for growth important to the job characteristic model?
The job characteristic model focuses on core job dimensions, psychological states of employees, and the strength of employees needed for growth
Why is it important to update priorities on a to do list?
Did 3 priority determination questions are answered yes or no
As a simple guide what one question can a manager ask to determine what and what not to delegate
Personal matters should not be delegated
Why is each of the four steps in the delegation process necessary?
The level of autonomy for developing a plan to accomplish a task should be based on the employees capability level