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What is the relationship among the management functions, problem solving, and decision-making?
problem solving is the process of taking corrective action to meet objectives.
why is it necessary to determine the decision structure and decision-making conditions?
the decision structure includes programmed and non programmed decisions, and the decision-making conditions are uncertainty, risk, and certainty.
What is the current trend concerning the use of groups to solve problems and make decisions?
group think occurs when members withhold different views to appear as though they are in agreement
Is a decrease in sales and/or profits a symptom or a cause of a problem?
defining the problem is part of the first step in the decision-making model.
would a maximum price of $1,000 to spend on a stereo be an objective or a criterion?
MUST- criteria have to be met in order for an alternative to be acceptable,
WANT- criteria are desirable but not necessary for the alternative to be acceptable
Is there really a difference between creativity and innovation?
most employees ideas do not lead to innovation
What is the major difference between nominal grouping and consensus mapping?
there is no voting in consensus mapping
why are generating and analyzing alternatives separate steps in the decision-making model?
decision trees are used for both generating and analyzing alternatives
What quantitative techniques are commonly used to compare alternatives?
optimum allocation of resources is determined using linear programming. Queuing theory focuses on waiting time
when is the cost benefit analysis commonly used?
the cost - benefit analysis and pros and cons analysis are essentially the same method for analyzing alternatives
for what is Vroom's participative decision-making model primarily used?
the Vroom's model includes a both a time - driven and a development - driven version of the model