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What is the difference between Primary and Secondary storage?
Primary Storage is ROM and RAM. Secondary Storage is backup. Eg. The hard drive.
Name three different types of backup storage media.
Hard Drive, SSD, DVDs, DVD-RAM, CDs, Blu-Ray Discs etc.
What does WORM stand for?

Write once, Read many.
What is the definition of capacity?

The amount of data that can be stored.
Give three examples of External Storage.

Any three of Portable Hard Disks, Magnetic Tape, Memory Stick, Flash Drives, Solid State, DVDs or CDs.
Give one advantage of Cloud storage.
Automatically backs up data, access files anywhere or easily share files.
Give two examples of multimedia.
Sound, Graphics, animation, video and text.
What is the difference between storage device and storage media?
Media is what holds the information e.g. magnetic tape. Device is what uses the media and provides the physical interface.
What is the difference between fixed and removable storage?

Fixed - Internal media and is used to store data often an internal hard drive.

Removable - Removable storage is storage that can be removed while the system is running.

Give an example of Removable Media.

CDs, DVDs, Blu-Ray, USB Memory stick etc.
What type of storage is a hard disk?

A hard disk is Magnetic.
Give one advantage of Magnetic Tape.

Cheapest form of storage

Can store large amounts of data - up to 1TB

Can backup overnight.

Give a disadvantage of a CD.

Fragile, easy to scratch.

Smaller storage capacity than a hard drive

Slower access than a Hard Disk.

What is the typical storage capacity of a Blu-Ray?

25-50GB of storage capacity.
True or false: Flash memory is non-volatile.
That statement is true.
Is storing data online secure?

Storing data is encrypted and given a user name and password.