The Importance Of Printed Questionnaires

Register to read the introduction… Online questionnaires would be a better choice since people can type out their answers and store the information electronically. An online questionnaire would have graphics attached, check boxes, pull down menus, pop up menus, and help screens. Printed questionnaires would be good for those that do not have access to the internet and there are some people that are not receptive to completing questionnaires online. For any questionnaire, let us try to “Avoid open-ended questions. In most cases open-ended questions should be avoided due to variation in willingness and ability to respond in writing.” (Frary, Robert B.) Printed questionnaires should be used to communicate as much information as possible and avoid common errors in the …show more content…
Output for hand held computers should be simple and easy to use. A major output for the hand held computer would be to use the Internet wirelessly and to function much like a regular computer would.

Color Photograph

Color photograph’s can be used to take pictures from a camera. Usually, people would go to a vendor to pick up their pictures, but nowadays people can print off their color pictures from home using a color photo printer. Color photo printers are the best way to get the color photographs from the camera to the paper using photo ink and a photo printer.


Resumes are an output of someone’s individual experience and achievements. Resumes are typed up on a word processor then printed to show detail of someone’s job achievements.


A memorandum or memo is a note that outputs the observations of a topic. Memorandums are usually used to communicate information in a business type of setting, “introduces memo writing to students training for careers in public service. It focuses
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Floppy disk drives used to be used because they were generally small and were able to be taken wherever the user went. Floppy disk drives are small disks that are inserted into the drive and used to access data.


Random access memory is a type of computer data storage, “Random access memory (RAM) is the best known form of computer memory. RAM is considered "random access" because you can access any memory cell directly if you know the row and column that intersect at that cell. “(HowStuffWorks) and this type of data storage needs to be supplied by a power source to operate.

A CD ROM is a drive that accesses memory from a Compact Disc. Compact Discs are a disc that contains data accessible by a computer. Compact Discs are small storage devices that users can take in and out like a floppy disk.


Tapes can access small amounts of memory and can be accessed from their own drive. Tapes can only record and playback audio.

Explain the role of each of the following in determining the speed of a computer:
• Clock speed
• Data on hard disk
• Data on CD ROM
• Data on floppy disk

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