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God spoke the word, the world was made

And the Fall occurred

Years of sin then the rain was heard

But Noah was protected

The promise came, Abraham believed

Isaac and Jacob the promise received

Joseph was sold but his brothers reprieved

And we end the book in Egypt

These are the generations

Out of Egypt they came

The plagues displayed God’s mighty name

They crossed the sea

And a song they sang

And then they faced a desert

Manna he gave

Then the Ten Commands

But they made a calf and shouted demands

Moses prayed, God stayed his hand

And they built a tabernacle

Redemption out of bondage

For their sins they bring the burnt (offering)

The grain (offering)

The peace offering

The guilt (offering)

And the sin offering

And the Day of Atonement

Some foods are clean, others do not eat

Many other laws you’ve got to keep

Feasts and Sabbaths and the Jubilee

Some promises and warnings

Purity and holiness

Tribes and people to count

Various laws, quite a large amount

Everyone complains

And the spies recount the hopelessness of conquest

Forty years in the desert sand

Fightings and plagues ‘til they couldn’t stand

Never inside the promised land

‘Til all but two had perished

Grumblings and wanderings

Moses speaks

Of the promised land, he gets a peek

To show the contract is all he seeks, the covenant with Yahweh

Love the Lord with all your heart

Truth and justice shall not depart

Teach your children, these things impart

For blessings in the land

Will you keep the covenant?