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________ possessed integrity

Satan put him to a test after getting leave from God

Three friends said that ________ was suffering for his own sin

But ________ maintained his righteous stand

Young Elihu spoke

But God's word thundered last

And God restored his life again

All hundred fifty sectioned into five books

For festivals and courts and prayer



And Confidence

Wisdom (Psalms)

And Remembrance

Kingship (Psalms)

And Thanksgiving ________

________ of David


The ‘sons’ of Korah and other unknown worshippers


From Solomon and others

For wisdom on the road of life

Early parts develop themes, later an assortment of short and prudent principles

The fear of the Lord is the start of wisdom

But fools despise discipline

Shows us ‘the Preacher’ or ‘the Teacher’ teaching in the wisdom strain

‘Vanity!’ ‘Vapor!’ ’Everything is meaningless’

Like hopelessly chasing the wind!

If this is true, fear God and obey

For everything will pass away

Or ‘Canticles’ or the ‘Song of Solomon’

Understood in different ways

Often allegorically read by Jews and Christians of God's love for his chosen ones

Or simply as a drama

Or group of love songs celebrating human love