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Bible Fluency is a free learning program for those who desire to know the Bible but don’t know how to find their way around it.

John the Baptist speaks

Peter confesses the Messiah

Five thousand fed

A triumphal ride

Judas betrays

And Jesus’ arrest

Peter denies

Pilate sentences

The crucifixion

And the burial

Women arrive at an empty tomb

The temptation

A paralytic healed

Choosing the twelve

and stilling a storm

Jairus’s daughter

The twelve are sent


And a rich young man

The Sower’s story

‘Give Caesar’s due’

Woes to scribes

Future warnings

John the Baptist’s death

A fig tree wilts

Four thousand fed

In ________________ is the widow’s mite

A demonized man at the synagogue

In ________________ is the Lord’s Prayer

The Lost Sheep

And the Talents

Also many sayings shared by sermons in ________________

The wise men

An Egypt flight

A Sermon on the Mount

‘Come to me, I’ll give you rest’

The Tares

Two Sons

And The Laborers

Ten Waiting Virgins

And The Sheep and Goats

The guards at the tomb, and their report

‘Go, disciple the nations’

John the Baptist’s birth

Shepherds and angels for Jesus’ birth

A Sermon on the ‘Plain‘

A Good Samaritan

A Rich Fool

And a Prodigal Son

An Unjust Steward

Ten lepers healed

The Rich Man and Poor Lazarus

Mocked by Herod

The Emmaus Road

Water into wine


And the woman’s well

Many I AM’s, like the bread of life

A woman’s adultery

A man born blind

Lazarus raised

Jesus washes feet

The Discourse in the Upper Room

‘Peter, if you love me, feed my sheep’