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________ saw God’s glory

Warned Assyria would come

A promise of Immanuel

In the midst of many woes

Hezekiah's rescue

Hope of leaving Babylon

The suffering and the glory of the Servant

________ suffered for the message he proclaimed

God will not deliver you. Give up to Babylon!

Though Jerusalem is lost

A new covenant will come

Weeping by the city

________’s early exile made him speak from Babylon

He saw the vision of the wheels

Used stories and visual signs

He warned Jerusalem would fall. When it did he changed his tone

Dry bones revived

And a glorious future temple!

________’s group refused the food

King Nebuchadnezzar’s dreams

A fiery stove

A written wall

And time in a lion’s den

________’s dreams and visions

And ‘one like a son of man’

Seventy weeks

And North and South in conflict

________’s wife: a picture of unfaithful Israel

________ foretold a locust plague

And the Spirit poured on all

________ said that God would judge the oppressors of the poor

________ promised wrath on Edom

________ fled, then took the word to evil Nineveh

________’s message very broad, like a little Isaiah

________ prophesied that God would judge Assyria

________ kept on asking God for justice

________ shed new light on the ‘Day of the Lord’

________ exhorted them, ‘Rebuild the house of God!’

________’s visions also helped them to rebuild

________ spoke out against hypocrisy