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2015-2020 dietary guidelines (particularly limits)

1. healthy eating throughout lifespan

2. Variety, nutrient density, portions

3. Limit empty kcal from added sugars, saturated fats, and lower sodium

4. Healthier food and beverages

5. Healthy eating patterns

Know the recommended food groups in MyPlate and be able to identify a healthy choice within each group

Based on 2000 Cal

Fruit 2c

Vegetables 2.5c

Grains 6oz

Protein 5.5oz

Milk and products 3c

List and define the diet-planning principles: A, B, C, D, M and V

Adequacy: meets the nutritional requirements

Balance: all nutrients represented

kCalorie: not too many empty calories

Density: nutrient dense food

Moderation: don't over indulge in one category

Variety: variety of foods provide variety of nutrients

Define: empty calories, enriched, fortified (identify the most highly fortified foods)

-Empty calories provide energy but little to no nutrients

-enriched: nutrients lost during processing added back

-fortified, nutrients added, cereals breads

Which food group is most typically consumed in amounts greater than the amounts recommended by the USDA?


Be able to identify a common source of Omega-3 fatty acids.


Distinguish between vegan (diets exclude what kind of products?) omnivore, lacto-ovo-vegetarian

Omnivore: meat and plant

Vegan: no animal products

Lacto ovo vegetarian: eggs and dairy products, plants, no meat