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6 diet planning principles

1. adequacy

2. balance

3. kcalorie control

4. nutrient density

5. moderation

6. variety

Dietary Guidelines for Americans

translate the nutrient recommendations of the DRIinto food recommendations.

DA for salt

2300 milligrams

DA for cholesterol

300 milligrams

USDA Food Patterns

1. fruits

2. vegetables

3. grains

4. proteins

5. milk & milk products

6. unsaturated oils

2000 calories/day diet

1. fruits 2 cups

2. vegetables 2.5 cups

3. grains 6 oz (slices of bread)

4. proteins 5.5 oz

5. milk & milk products 3 cups

6. unsaturated oils 6 teaspoons

B vitamin folate

dark green, leafy vegetables

Vitamin A (beta-carotene)

orange and red vegetables

discretionary calories

The difference between the kcalories needed to supplynutrients and those needed to maintain weight

5 to 15%

of daily calorie intake can accommodate empty calories (sugars and solid fats)

Exchange Lists

1. foods organized by similar composition of carbs, fats & proteins

2. sorts food by energy nutrient content vs. USDA food patterns which sorts by vitamin/mineral composition.

refined grains

bran, germ,and husk are removed, leaving only the endosperm.

whole grain

removes outer husk and keeps everything else

leanest cuts of steak

1. loins and rounds

2. select over primes/choice

4 ounces of raw meat

1. equal to 3 ounces cooked

2. equal to 1 serving

3. size of a deck of cards

nutrition facts panel

1. must provide serving size

2. serving size is standardized for many items like ice cream, pasta, etc.

3. packages with 2-4 servings must present 2 columns (per serving/package)

4 nutrients of concern are required to be on label

1. Vitamin D

2. Calcium

3. Iron

4. Potassium

Daily Values

1. based on 2000 calorie diet

2. 30% for fat = 65 grams

3. 10% from saturated fats = 20 grams

3. 60% for carbs = 300 grams

4. fiber = 14g/1000 calorie