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Carbohydrates are nutrients that are composed of the elements carbon, hydrogen and
Oxygen (CHO)
Carbohydrates are stored as glycogen in what parts of the body
Liver (100 g glycogen) and
muscles( 300-400 g glycogen)
to maintain glucose levels this is the reserve fuel supply
The sugar to which all other sugars are converted and the one that circulates in the blood to provide of major fuel for the body cells is what
Why are carbohydrates called quick energy foods
Because of its storage capability availability and relative low cost
The recommended daily intake of dietary fiber for all adult women is
25 grams per day for women
Digestion of the starch component of a peanut butter sandwich begins in the
mouth: through mastication
A negative effect of sugar alcohols is that they may cause
Osmotic diarrhea due to slow digestion
The breakdown of fat occurs when carbohydrate intake is inadequate this insufficient carbohydrate intake causes excess formation of what?
Ketones: a chemical from fat that is toxic rapid breakdown could lead to acidosis too many ketones
*don't go on carb diets body will use proteins and fat for energy