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What are the 2 layers of dura matter?

1) endosteal/periosteal layer (outer): only present in the brain
2) meningeal (inner): present in both brain and spinal cord

Where are dural venous sinuses situated?
Where do they drain into?

Epidural space;
Internal jugular vein

What is the space between pia and arachnoid matter? What's in there?

Subarachnoid space; CSF

What is the space between arachnoid and dura matter? What's in there?

Subdural space; "potential space"

What is the space between meningeal and endosteal dura layers? What's in there?

Epidural space; Venous sinuses, blood vessels, nerves

At what level does the spinal cord end?


At what level do meninges end?

S3 (fillum terminale, pia matter)

At what level can you give spinal anaesthesia/ do a lumbar puncture?