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What is the Mass Media?

-print and electronic communication

-VAST audience

Evolution of Mass Media

1. Printing Press = Johann Gutenberg, pre-industrial revolution

2. Radio = 1920s, end of industrial revolution

3. TV = 1950s

4. PC / Internet = 2010

Functionalist Opinion of Mass Media

-media = functional

-its main function = entertain

-helps us socialize, enforce norms, inform us


-desensitizes us to violence, sex, reality

Narcotizing Dysfunction

- paul lazarsfeld & robert merton

-mass amounts of info numbs people to suffering of others

-discovered in 1960s (TV age)

-1990s = explicit ratings come out

Conflict Theory Opinion on Mass Media

-media worsens divisions in society

-who controls it ??

-Gate keeping !

-media promotes dominate ideology (majority of culture is represented)

Gate Keeping

-info goes through checkpoints so who controls what passes and what doesnt ?

- 70 % of radio and TV are govt owned !!

-exemption = internet (wild west)

Symbolic Interactionist Opinion on Mass Media

-main theme = how does media effect our daily lives (MICRO LEVEL)

-learning new symbols (emojis)

-2 audience types

Micro level Audience

-finite, identifiable group

1. how does audience interact with each other

2. how does audience interact with performers

Macro Level audience

-main purpose = examine societal impact on broader level

-audience = not finite

How does Mass Media effect daily Life ? (SI Theory)

1.primary group extension

2.source of reminiscing


4.playmate / babysitter for kids

SI Opinion on mass Media: Good vs. Bad

-good = distance is conquered (text, email, new ways to date

-bad = bullying, terrorist spreading / gaining ideas, where is line btwn free speech and censorship ??