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- ranking people in a hierarchy OR the space between two points

ex. ) social, global, gender

- fuel = ideology

- ideology justifies social arrangements and is hard to change

Social Stratification

1. Society is #1, people are #2

2. Generational (social classes are passed down)

3. Universal

-has 2 systems

Caste System

- type of social stratification

-ascribed statues

-closed, rigid system with little mobility

- ex.) India

Class System

- type of social stratification

- ascribed and achieved status

-education and training

- had discrimination but there are sanctions to limit it

- ex.) USA

Classless Society in Russia ?

- USSR tried to be classless but failed (it isnt really possible to do )

- Lenin = 1917

- Berlin wall came down =1989

-Mikhail Gorbachev = Perestroika = Restructure

Classless Society in China ?

- cultural revolution of 1949

- 'erased' social classes

- chairman Mao died in 1978 so Deng Xiaoping changed things

Functionalism on Social Stratification

- Davis-Moore Thesis = stratification is essential for society

- there needs to be a space, especially economic

- main reason = motivation for people

Conflict Theory on Social Stratification : The Basics

- sees stratification as peoples relationship to the means of production

- bourgeoisie (owners)

- proletariat (the masses)

Conflict Theory on Social Stratification : Marx

- Marx believed the working class would overthrow the ruling class

- alienation = when people have nothing left to loose

- this fails in the west b/c people are comfortable in their place

Conflict Theory on Social Stratification : Weber

- expanded on Marx b/c Marx = too simple

-3 distinct dimensions of inequality/stratification

1. class position

2/ status

3. power / wealth

the composite of the 3 make up your SOCIOECONOMIC status

What is Global Stratification ?

- patterns of social inequality in the world as a whole

Global Stratification : The Statisitics

- 48 have no sanitation

- 43 live on less than $2 / day

- 40 have no shoes

- 33 have no electricity

- 30 are jobless

- 25 have no shelter

- 23 drink polluted water

- 20 are malnourished

- 14 are illiterate

Functionalist View of Global Stratification

- Modernization Theory = everyone was poor prior to technology

- ANSWER = rich nations are part of the solution

Conflict Theory View of Global Stratification

- Dependency Theory "Drain Theory"

- main problems = colonialism, multinational corporations

- ANSWER = rich nations are part of the problem

Gender Stratification

- the unequal distribution of wealth, power, and privilege between men and women

- stems from family, peer groups, school, mass media, and salary

-women are seen as the minority due to lack of power

How Family effects gender stratification

- stratification begins early

- poorer nations value boys more at birth

How Peer effect gender stratification


- gender / sex is based on moral development

- men = more competitive

- women = more cooperative

How school effect gender stratification

- high school = gender molding

- this has significantly decreased over time

- men were pushed towards engineering, etc

- women were pushed towards the humanities and social studies

How mass media effect gender stratification

- mass media is a reflection of society, it does not mold society

how salary effects gender stratification

- men are paid more

- by 2058 wages are supposed to be equal

Domestic violence

- more women are physically assaulted but men are catching up

- inaccurate statistics available b/c men dont report

Sexual Harassment

- more cases of men harassing women

- media portrays men being abused as funny


- conventional wisdom = men exploit women

- men own / produce while women perform

- women are much more money now, are they exploiting men?