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Better Business Bureau
organization that provides information and handles complaints about local businesses.
Consumer Bill of Rights
Introduced by President John F. Kennedy in 1962
Right to safety
Consumers can expect that products are tested and properly labeled with warnings if necessary.
Right to be informed
consumers can expect accurate information
Bait and Switch
Advertising a product at a low price to lure customers into a store and then telling them the store is out of that product to get them to buy a more expensive item.
Right to Service
Consumers can expect to be treated correctly without discrimination.
Product Liability
The legal responsibility manufacturers have to make safe products
Consumer Reports
a good source for consumer education along with Dateline, 60 Minutes, and MSNBC tv shows
Federal Trade Commission
Prohibits unfair trade practices including deceptive advertising and unfair pricing
Right to seek remedy
Consumers can expect to have their problems fixed ans if need be--sue for damages
Consumer Skills
Include reading all labels, comparison shopping, and reading consumer magazines/watching TV for recalls
Deliberately misleading business practices--such as selling a used item "as new."
Right to Choose
Consumers can expect many brands, low prices, high quality goods, and excellent service.
Right to be Heard
Consumers can register complaints with customer service
Contamination of air, water, and land
Food and Drug Administration
Government agency that tests and approves all drugs and food
Caveat Emptor
Latin term meaning "let the buyer beware."
Preserving, protecting, and planing the management of resources
Consumer Movement
Works to pass laws protecting consumers from unfair and unsafe business practices
National Highway Traffic Safety
Government agency dealing with automobile recalls
Refusing to buy a company's product
Caveat Venditor
Latin term meaning "let the vendor/store beware"
Collects goods for reprocessing so they can be used again