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Cost of Credit
Most important factor is the risk a creditor takes
Entertainment Cards
Include Dinner Clubs, Carte Blanche, and America Express
A 15-30 year installment loan usually for a house
Short-term loan
This type of loan is usually for one year or less
Commercial Credit
Used by firms to buy goods, pay salaries, buy property
Single-Purpose Card
Card that can only be used at the business issuing it
Installment Loans
Loans repaid in regular payments over a period of time
Credit Rating
Includes things like your income, current debt, and debt history which measure your ability to repay a loan
The fee creditors charge for using their money
Lends money or provides credit
Consumer Finance Co.
Have higher finance charges than some places since they loan money to people who cannot get credit elsewhere
Consumer Credit
Type of credit used for people for personal reasons
Credit Union Loan
Offered to people in certain field--like teachers
The one who borrows money or uses credit
Charge Accounts
Short-term/medium-term credit offered by stores/dealers
Loan provided in exchange for an item
This is required for a mortgage loan
Payday Loan
Not permitted in some states, it is made without a credit check
Revolving Credit
Charge account that allows you to charge "up to" a certain amount and pay back a part of what you owe each month