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Unit Price
Cost expressed in a standard measurement: "per ounce."
Sales Gimmicks
Include free prizes, discounted prices, "2 for 1" offers
Rational Advertising
Convinces/persuades you to buy with facts, other info.
Limited Warranty
Covers only certain parts of a product for repair for a certain period of time
Department Stores
Examples include J.C. Penny's, Macy's, Nordstrom's, Sak's
Tells the contents of the product
Someone who selects, purchases, uses, disposes of goods
Limited-line Retailers
Sell one product; Foot Locker, Mrs Field's Cookies
Comparison Shopping
When a shopper checks the price/ quality of a good in more than one store
Brand Name
A word, logo, or practice on a product that helps the consumer distinguish it from other products
Generic Goods
"No-frill" packaging; often called store brand, can cost up to 40% less than brand name goods
Outlet Stores
Sell brand-name goods that are discontinued/have a flaw
Shopping list
Bring one of these & you probably won't impulse buy
Emotional Advertising
Appeals to your feelings; "use this cologne, and you'll have ten dates for homecoming"
Promotional Sale
Used to introduce a new product
Impulse shopping
Purchase without regard to "Do I really need this?"
Clearance Sale
Used to move "out-of-season," no longer profitable goods
Loss Leaders
Products sold below cost to bring in customers
Shop-at-home vendors
Include QVC on cable TV and Penny's mail-order catalog
Consumer publications
Magazines that examine, test, and rate products for shoppers
Discount Store
E.I. K-mart, Wal-mart
Full Warranty
Covers repair and/or replacement for a defective product from 90 to year