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encourage employers and employees to reduce hazards/implement safety and Health.
provide safety and health research
establish responsiblities and rights for employers and employees.
maintain reporting/recordkeeping systems.
establish training programs
develop and enforce safety and health standards.
What is the general duty Clause?
free from hazards that are causing or likely to cause death or serious harm
Section 5 (a) (1)
Who is covered under OSHA?
extends to all employees and employers except:

Farms where employees are family members
Those regulated by other agencies.
What are OSHA standards?
osha is responsible for promulgating standards.
employers MUST comply
Where OSHA has not promulgated standards, employers are still responsible.
State program standards must be as effective as federal standards.
Who develops OSHA STANDARDS?
Advisory committee and niosh recommendations
once developed
once developed the standard is published in the public register
interested parties have 30 days to respond
public hearing may be requested
OSHA publishes final text in the Fed Register.
Employers with how many employees must maintain records of injuries and illnesses?
What are the purposes of the OSHA 300 log?
provides statistical data for comparison to other injuries.
defines high hazard facilities
keeps employees informed of accident record.
Any accident that results in a fatality or a hospitalization of 3 or more employees must be reported to OSHA within 8 hrs.
recordkeeping is on a calendar year basis
maintain most records for five years.
What is required to be posted?
job Safety and Protection Poster
Summaries of petition for variances
All OSHA citations
log and summary of injuries and illnesses
Workplace inspections
Osha is authorized to perform a inspection.
upon presenting credentials
enter without delay at resonable times, where work is performed.
inspect/investigate place of employment
enter w/o advanced notice
inspectations happen for the following reasons:
imminent danger (FIRST)
catastrophies and fatal accidents
employee complaints (3rd down the line)
programmed high hazard inspectations (nursing homes)
follow up
What is a focus inspection?
looks mainly for the four types of hazard most likely to cause fatality and or serious injury.
ex construction
electrical, fall protection, iron workers
do not ask for a warrent.
Prepare for the inspection.
the Inspection Process
opening conference
inspection tour
closing conferences
Citations and Penalties
citations are issued by a area director.
repeated violation-up to 70,000.
Employer Responsiblities
meet your general duty (safe from Harm)
be familar w/ osha
inform employees about OSHA
examine workplace conditions
reduce hazard in workplace
use safe tools and equipment
use color codes to warn employees
communicate operating procedures
provide OHSA required trainig
provide access to 300 log and summary
ability to see own medical and exposure records.
cooperate w/ osha officer
post citations near site involved.
Employer rights
seek advice from OSHA
seek identification from OSHA Compliance officer
be advised reason for inspection
have opening and closing conferences.
File a notice of contest within 15 days of receipt
apply for a permanent variance
take an active role in OSHA standard advisory comm. apply for temp variances in unable to comply.
confidentiality of trade secrets during an inspection. requests from NIOSH to see if a something in your workplace has toxic effects.