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Mba'eichapa neko'ê?
How did you wake up (sleep)?
Cheko'ê porâ, ha nde?
I woke up (slept) well, and you?
Cheko'ê porâ avei.
I woke up (slept) well also.
Mba'eichapa ndepyhareve?
Good morning. (How are you in the morning?)
Chepyhareve porâ, ha nde?
I am having a good morning, and you?
Chepyhareve porâ avei.
I am having a good morning also.
Mba'eichapa ndeasaje?
How was your rest?
Cheasaje porâ, ha nde?
My rest was good, and you?
Cheasaje porâ avei.
My rest was good also.
Mba'eichapa nde ka'aru?
Good afternoon. (How are you in the afternoon?)
Cheka'aru porâ, ha nde?
I am having a good afternoon, and you?
Cheka'aru porâ avei.
I am having a good afternoon as well.
Mba'eichapa nde pyhare?
Good evening/night. (How are you in the night?)
Chepyhare porâ, ha nde?
I am having a good evening/night, and you?
Chepyhare porâ avei.
I am having a good evening/night also.
Moôpa remba'apo?
How old are you?
Moôpa reiko?
I am from. . . . .
Moôguápa nde?
I am. . . . .years old.
Mboy arýpa rereko?
I live. . . . .
Mba'éichapa ndererajoapy?
I work. . . . .
Mba'éichapa nderéra?
My given name is. . . . .
Chererajoapy. . . . .
My name is. . . . .
Cheréra. . . . .
What is your name?
Cheareko. . . . .ary.
What is your surname? (given name/last name)
Che. . . . . gua.
Where are you from?
Che aiko. . . . .
Where do you live?
Amba'apo. . . . . pe.
Where do you work?