Practice Management Essay

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This essay aims to discuss issues associating with practice management. The essay will critically evaluate four models of management, leadership and marketing incorporating the styles, behaviours and concepts of each. The Framework of ethics, accountability, obtaining consent and breach of confidentiality will be analysed and how this may affect a professional practitioner.

Management and Leadership
The terms of management and leadership are perceived as synonyms and are often used interchangeably (Mullins, 2007). Authors such as Kotter (1990) and Zaleznik (1989) believe that there is no relationship between leadership and management, while others may argue that leadership is merely a characteristic of the manager
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Kotter (1990) argues that management attempts to establish order and security, whereas leadership aims to promote change and flexibility within an organisation. Kotter defines leaders as those, which set a direction, motivate people and align them to their vision, whereas managers will plan, organise, control and resolve problems.

However, Hollingsworth’s (1989 as cited in Mullins, 2007) interpretation involves; developments, innovation, are people focused, they inspire trust, have an eye on the horizon and for doing the right thing. By contrast, management is associated with maintenance, administration, control, system and structure, paying attention to the bottom line and doing things right.

Zaleznik (1989, cited in Mullins, 2010) argues that leaders and managers differ in terms of their personality, he portrays managers as cold mechanisms who adopt passive attitudes toward goals, he goes on to say that, they have low emotional involvement and are usually detached and manipulative. However, he perceives leaders as imaginative and creative and has a clearer understanding of team member’s strengths, weakness, interests and motivations.

Although the critical roles of leadership are about continuing beneficial development as stated by Hollingsworth (1989) and management about seeking stability, both constructs

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