Pidgins And Creoles Analysis

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Pidgins and creoles are used in third world nation. Both of them are occurred in response in order to change in the political and social environment of the community where they are spoken in. Nowadays, over one hundred pidgins and creoles are spoken around the world, but different languages. Actually, most pidgins and creoles are based on European languages, mostly on English, Spanish and French. Also, in Egypt and Arab countries there are some groups of people whom spoke mixed of two languages “Pidgin” or more than two languages “creoles”. Pidgins often serve as the means of communication between two language groups.
Definition of Creole: The English term creoles comes from a French word called "créole”. Creole is a pidgin
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Also, this language becomes the first language of new generation of speakers as their sons and daughters use the same language and style of talking. Moreover, marches who work in "Wkalt Albalah" use a certain language they talk with each others with in order to not let anyone else from another marches to understand them. In addition to, drugs marchers use a certain words to sell and buy the drugs to avoid the policemen to know what they are talking about and also their sons and daughters use the same way of taking in their life. Another example is the" Sawahely" as they …show more content…
Another example is Jamaican Creole is mixed with English and African. For example they instead of saying of saying: "me" they say "mi”. Also they say: " Unu coya lissen to we mia say “instead of saying “Can’t you listen to what I'm saying". Moreover, Australian Roper River Creole says "im megim ginu" instead of saying “he makes a

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