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Where is Carlisle located?
Carlisle is located in the North West of England just South of the Scottish Border and North of the Cumbrian Mountains.
Main thought cause?
3 rivers meet in Carlisle at a confluence.
What was the River Eden's lag time?
17 hours.
State the specifics about the Rainfall:
Very intense rainfall leading to 147,205,000m3 of runoff in which 73% went into the River Eden.
State the specifics about the Vegetation:
Mixed arable and grass lands so not much to intercept.
State the specifics about the Geology:
Lots of impermeable rocks around such as Slate and Volcanic Rocks.
State the specifics about the Basin Shape and Size:
Approx 2290km2 which is elongated. Elongated means less distance for the water to travel to a river.
State the specifics about the History of Carlisle:
In the past four years there has been significant flooding.
Any up to date information:
The 2015 floods broke records with 341.4mm of rain in 24hrs. Over 5,200 homes stranded, tens of thousands of homes without power, schools closed, 40 bridges disrupted or closed and the RNLI was called in.