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Where is the case study based?
What county is the case study based in?
What country is the case study based in?
Northern Ireland
When was a rail link opened between Belfast and the town?
Where is the town set?
In a bay
How much beach is there?
How much does the population rise in summer months due to tourism?
What's the name of the bay where Newcastle sits?
Dundrum Bay
How long is the beach running along the ____ bay?
Where does the between running along the ____ bay go between?
St John's Point and Newcastle Harbour
What drives the coastal system here?
What is the nature of the waves?
Why is the nature of the waves such?
Limited fetch area
What types of waves dominate?
When do the other type of waves dominate?
During storms
When was the sediment that makes up the beach washed down from the mountains?
After the last Ice Age
Where is the wave cut notch?
Dundrum Village
How high above the current sea level is the wave cut notch?
The wave cut notch is believed to make a maximum height of a period. What period was this, and how long ago was it?
Glacial, 15,000 years ago
What types of engineering methods have been used?
What did groynes do?
Trap the sand and stop it from drifting up the beach
Why are the groynes no longer effective?
They have decayed, and may have contributed to sand loss
When were the groynes created?
What were the groynes made out of?
What type of groynes are the present council studying?
How long would each new groyne be?
20-30m long
How much does each new gryone cost per meter?
What did gabions do?
Protected the recreation ground over the beach
Where were the gabions?
Mouth of the Shimna
When were the old gabions replaced?
What are gabions more effective than rock armour?
They allow water to slowly dissipate energy
Where was rock armour used?
A dune face
When was extensive rock armour constructed?
What did the extensive rock armour protect?
The Royal County Down Golf Course
What negative effect did the rock armour have?
It reduced sediment for Murlough Bay, an ASSI.
What does ASSI stand for?
Area of Special Scientific Interest
Why was the sea wall needed?
When urban growth was experienced and houses were built close to the sea.
What does the sea wall support?
The pedestrian walkway (promenade)
When was the old wall partially washed away (and what year was the new on built)?
2002, 2002
How much was the new wall raised by?
How much did the new wall cost?
£4 million
What design does the new wall have?
Curved, wave return design to stop water splashing over the top
What downside is there?
Refracted waves increase beach erosion
What has the Department of the Environment announced?
A Integrated Coastal Zone Management Strategy
How long does the new strategy announced last, and between what years?
20 years, 2006-2026
What does the strategy aim to do?
Groups are encouraged to work towards a more sustainable approach to coastal management.