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What percentage of the area is delta land?


How far above sea level is most of the region?


What two rivers meet?



What mountains do these rivers erode?

The Himalayas

How much alluvial sediment is deposited?

1,820 million tonnes

The amount of alluvial sediment is twice as much as the annual load of which rivers together?




How much of Bangladesh lies underwater?


To what percentage does the submerged area of Bangladesh increase to in the summer?


Why does the increase in the percentage of Bangladesh submerged occur?

It is flooded by monsoon rains and swollen rivers

What are the "good" floods called?


What are the bad floods called?


How much of Bangladesh can a bonna flood flood?


What two physical factors caused flooding?

Spring snowmelt

Monsoon rain

What human factors caused flooding?

Management techniques

Deforestation in the upper drainage basin

Urbanisation and population pressure

Climate change

Why are the barsha floods critical to Bangladesh's economy?

Agriculture relies on flooding

What does flooding add to the soils?

Alluvium - silt, nutrients etcetera

The alluvium replenishes the nutrients used on the previous year's crop

What is grown during the dry season (November to May)?

Rabi - wheat or dry rice

Aus is a drought-tolerant rice

What is grown during the wet monsoon season (June to October)?

Kharif varieties of wet rice such as Aman

What can happen, in relation to farming, in places where floods are shallow?

Two wet monsoon rice harvests are possible

How many species of fish live in the fresh water rivers of Bangladesh?


How many of these are a critical source of protein? Give a single example.


The hilsa fish

What does flooding to regarding fishing?

Flooding extends the aquatic ecosystem, creating breeding ponds and pools across the floodplain

These areas "teem" with life

What is fished near the coast?


What does fishing also open up?


How do school children help out with fishing?

They collect "small hatchlings from ponds in order to stock local fish farms"

What happens to aquifers?

They are replensished

What are the detrimental effects on people?


Homelessness and refugees

Social disruption

Illness spread by lack of food or contaminated water, such as diarrhoea trphoid

What are the detrimental effects on property?

Homes destroyed in cities and remote rural areas

Businesses and buildings destroyed

Food crops washed away and livestock drowned

Transport links, including road and railway links, washed away or covered

What are the detrimental effects on land?

Shifting river channels

Islands, known as chards, eroded or removed

In 1998, when did great flooding occur, and what rivers were involved?

Ganges and Brahmaputra

1998 between July and Octover

How much of the land was covered?


How long did the floods last?

Over three months

How many homes were destroyed?


How many inhabitants left Dhaka?

30 million

How many deaths were caused by flooding from drowning, mudflows and house collapse?


How much road was washed away?


What was the economical impact estimated to be?

Over £1 billion

What crop was destroyed?

The rice crop of late summer, the second Kharif

How many "heavy lifting" helicopters did the country have?