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% of coastline lost in the last 25 years
Sea level rising rate
6mm a year
Reasons for eustatic rise
global warming
Reasons or isostatic fall
Isostatic rise in Scotland due tomelting ice, causing the SE to sink
Reasons for coastal squeeze
sea rising over the salt marsh and then being pinned against the sea wall creating deeper water
Abbotts Hall Farm Initiative: general approach
Managed retreat
Sea Wall removed in
To replace the sea wall
counter walls were built either side to protect the neighbouring farmland
... of mudflats, saltmarshes ad grassland have been created
Seal wall removed before
spring tide, so that seeds from saltmarshes could be brought in
Polder Sites
Polder Sites
Enclosed wooden fencing filled with willow hurdles which aim to reduce erosion
Benefits of Abbotts Hall Farm Initiative
Natural defence reducing erosion, cheaper than hard engineering, low maintanence costs, polders protect the seal wall from extreme erosion, more natural look, creates habitats, uses sustainable materials,salt marshes will reach equillibrium
Costs of Abbotts Hall Farm Initiative
Famers/landowners need to be compensated, old defences need to be removed (expensive), agriculture land lost behind the breached sea wall