What Is Extreme Poverty

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Extreme poverty
Today climate change is a very big problem. Many people do not care about this. We can in a sense become blind, but if we think about it and look around us we can see that climate change is everywhere. We can see it on the news; in the paper actually it’s all in the nature. One human being contributes to make it worse, but also one human being can make it better. Climate change may be the most pressing challenge in the world, but there are also other global challenges in the world that needs and deserves as much as or more attention than what is given to climate change. In this text you will hear about extreme poverty and what it leads to. Extreme poverty is very relevant because it can destroy so much and it leads to so many
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People do not have what they need to live. People cannot afford food, clothing, medicine, education and a place to stay. In fact, nearly 1 billion people live on less than $ 1.25 per day. These are big problems but when we look at how we can get rid of poverty is the access to clean water. Water is the most important thing we humans have. If we don’t have water we can’t survive. Today is about 786 millions of people without access to clean water. People have to get far from their homes to find water. Water can be hard to find in poor countries, and when they finally find it, the water can be contaminated and dirty. The contaminated water is one of the reasons of the high child mortality, as a matter of fact dies over 2000 children every day of diarrhea that usually comes from bad water conditions. We can understand that this is a very high number and we can understand that this makes a lot of problems for the poor people and the poorest …show more content…
I think it is important that we find solutions to this issue before we begin to focus so much on climate change. It does not help that the temperature of the globe will be higher for several hundred years when the world has become so terrible that people have to spend hours to fetch some water. I think it is important that we take climate change seriously and that we constantly work a little to improve the climate, however the main thing is still to resolve the problems we have around the world today. At least is so important that everyone can feel safe, have food, water and have a place to stay since everybody in this world deserves

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