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Where are the Andes located?
Off the west coast of South America by the Pacific ocean
Which countries do the Andes run through? Name 5
What is irrigation?
Artificial watering of the land
How are farmers adapting to using the Andes for farming? Name 2
Terraces are used to retain water and limit downward movement of soil.
Llamas are used to carry materials for irrigation and building materials for remote areas.
Why are llamas suitable to use in the Andes?
They can carry over 25% of their own body weight
What plates created the Andes?
Nazca and South American plate
Why are the Andes important for mining?
Abundant in materials-
Tin (Peru and Bolivia)
Nickel (Columbia)
Silver (Peru and Chile)
Gold (Peru)
What gold mine is located in Peru?
What's special about it?
Biggest gold mine in the world
Where is the Yanacocha gold mine?
What happened to its population after the gold mine was built?
It went from 30,000 to 300,000 in 2010 because of the new jobs available
What is bad about the mine?
Results in pollution from dynamite blasts
Increase in crime rate
Why are the Andes good for hydroelectric power?
Steep, narrow valleys are easily damned and encourage fast flow of water which is helped by melting snow
What HEP plant was built in 2009?
El Platanal was built across the Canete river