The Importance Of Costal Management In Australia

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In contrast to many other countries, Australia contains a massive amount of continuous costal lines stretched out all over the country. The vast coastline consists of approximately sixty thousand kilometres. In order to protect and maintain this coast line, costal management plans must be put into action. Costal management is the act of proposing and taking into action ideas in which help to maintain costal areas. Most of the Australian coast holds many financial benefits in regards to its resources such as its biodiversity and land structure which are both in potential danger due to negative human impacts. Costal management is very important as it pays major contribution to the protection of the biodiversity and land structure of the coast. …show more content…
According to, Bondi beach was visited by 6095 tourist in the year 2011. Bondi Beach stretches seven thousand kilometres. The beach is situated on longitude of 151.2743 and on a latitude of -33.8908. Salamah college is located approximately 40 minutes away from Bondi beach and is at a 31.2 km distance to and fro. Bondi beach is important to the community as it is used as a stage for community events as well as it draws in tourists which further contributes to businesses located near the beach. Community events such as; Wind kite flying festival, Ice skating, New Year's Eve firework show and whale watching boat

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