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What section of Clive Wearing's brain was damaged? What sort of memory did Clive retain?
The Hippocampus and damage to the frontal lobe. He still had procedural memory
What is the role of the Hippocampus in memory?
Storage and formation of semantic and episodic memories in Long-Term Memory
Little albert is associated with which researchers? Focused on what?
Watson and Reigner. Focused on learning.
Little Peter is associated with who? What did she focus on?
Mary Cover Jones. Focused on unlearning
What is avoidance training?
Learning a desireable behavior to /avoid/ the occurence of something undesireable such as punishment.
What is acquisition?
The process of establishing and strengthening a response.
What is spontaneous recovery?
Spontaneous recurrance of a conditioned response after extinction has occured.
What study did Watson and Reyner do?
Little Albert. They did research primarily on black children.
What is counter-conditioning, and who was it done by?
Replacing a negative behavior with a positive behavior. Done by Mary Cover Jones on Little Peter
Pavlov: S --> ?
S --> R
Stimulus --> Response
Skinner B --> ?
B --> C
Behavior --> Consequence
Operant B is?
Behavior shaped by consequences
What is social learning theory?
Learning is based on the observation & imitations of other poeoples B
What did the Bobo Doll study exhibit?
Modelling; B that are learned from immitating a real or symbolic model.
More evolved animals are what?
More adaptive
Which neurotransmitter is instrumental in memory?
Acetylcholine; thought to be involved in Alzheimers.
What hormones are associated with memory?
Epinephrine and Cortisol
Bandura Ross & Ross. Think...
Agression and modelling. Bobo doll!!
Bobo doll think
Bandura ross and ross! Modelling, agression