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A scientist who studies the earth's atmosphere and the changes that take place within it.

Why is weather prediction important?

Because we want to help people, save lives, and minimize damage as well as follow the Creation Mandate.

Air mass

A huge body of air in the troposphere with similar temperature and humidity throughout.

how is sleet formed?

water evaporates off of the surface of the earth and travels upward as water vapor until is collects into a cloud. more and more water vapor collects it becomes cooler and it begins to turn back into water. It becomes too much to carry. it drops out of the cloud int he form of water, but the air outside begins to get colder and colder as it falls to the surface. the water freezes to become ice, better known as sleet.

how are storms formed?

Storms are formed when a warm front and a cold from collide.

what are the hazards of a tornado?

High winds and flying debris are the major hazards of a tornado.

what are the hazards of a hurricane?

high winds and violent waters are the major hazards of a hurricane.

what are the hazards of a storm?

the major hazard of a storm is lighting.

how do you take cover in tornado?

you get inside to the lowest level of your house and stay away form windows. if you can't get indoors get to a low ground like a ditch.

how do you take cover in a hurricane?

EVACUATE! If you are not going to evacuate get to high ground. remember to board up your windows and take things that are valuable to you.

how do you take cover in a storm?

stay inside and try to aviod using water. If you are stuck outside get to low ground and stay away from trees and bodies of water. do not be the tallest thing. try to fund shelter.

what is a weather station model?

a symbolic representation of data from a weather station on a weather map. each number and symbol, and their locations in the model, provide specific weather information.

how accurate is a weather forecast?

a weather forecast is rarely 100% correct.

define front

the boundary where at least two different air masses meet.

define convection

heat transfer by the upward movement of warmer, less dense fluid as is it displaced by a cooler, more dense fluid.

define orographic lifting

the upward movement of air masses as they flow over mountains

define frontak wedging

the lifting of a warm air mass above a cool air mass acting as a wedge.

define convergence

the lifting of air when horizontal air currents from opposite directions collide and rise into the atmosphere.

define storms

a severe weather disturbance involving high winds, heavy precipitation, and other conditions such as lightning or low temperature.

define winter storms

a storm that brings heavy snow or sleet, high winds, or/or unusually cool weather.

define thunderstorms

a rainstorm that produces lightning. thunderstorms may include hail, bursts of strong winds, and even tornadoes.

define storm surge

a higher than level local sea level caused by sea water flowing toward the lower air pressure under a hurricane.

define hurricane

an immense cyclonic windstorm that forms over tropical or subtropical oceans; also known as a typhoon or cyclone.

define tonado

a destructive, localized, rapidly rotating cyclonic windstorm forming a funnel.

define isotherms

lines on weather maps indicating equal temperatures.

define synoptic weather maps

a weather map that presents a summary or synopsis of weather data for a given time frame. there are four synoptic weather maps.

define tropical and subtropical oceans

two ocean areas that are located around the equator.

define hurricane hunters

teams of brave pilots and meteorologists who track hurricanes and obtain information about them.

how is weather data gathered?

weather stations, airports, weather bouies, and storm chasers.