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ability of a material to reflect solar radiation
the transfer of heat between two stationary entities
process of heat transfer by the circulation or movement of a liquid or a gas
the balance between the amount of energy coming in from the Sun and going back out into space
earth's energy budget
moisture in the air
heat released when water vapor condenses
latent heat
transfer of heat or energy through rays of various wavelengths
radiation belts surrounding Earth that protect us from harmful radiation of the Sun
Van Allen radiation belts
these affect atmospheric temperatures
Earth's energy budget, greenhouse gases, and the water cycle
processes that transfer heat
conduction, convection, radiation
a shorter electromagnetic wave is __________
more powerful
radio waves ____________
have the least energy, have the longest wavelengths
The earth's energy budget _____.
describes the balance of heat or energy coming into and going out of Earth
What type of gases holds in heat and keeps the earth at a moderate temperature?
greenhouse gases
Compared to Mars, our atmosphere's _____ is better to maintain a warm, livable temperature.
The air in the atmosphere circulates mainly because _____.
convection is redistributing heat
What conditions would most likely cause thunderstorms?
humid and hot
describes how carbon and oxygen are exchanged and recycled on Earth
carbon-oxygen cycle
nitrogen comprises _____ of the atmosphere
the atmosphere is ________ and a ________
dynamic, superhighway
Some people consider the earth to be _____ because of its dynamic processes or cycles.
Biogeochemical cycles _____.
keep the earth warm, recycle essential materials, are needed by living things
_____ is/are an important part of the hydrologic cycle.
water vapor
In the carbon-oxygen cycle, carbon dioxide is used for _____ and oxygen is used for _____.
photosynthesis, radiation
Nitrogen is important to life because it is part of _____.
dna, amino acids, and protein
Which of the following are ways the atmosphere supports life?
blocks harmful uv rays
transports and distributes heat
cycles essential elements
height above the earth's surface
instrument used to measure air pressure
a circular pattern of winds created by Earth's rotation
coriolis effect
cool breeze that circulates from land to sea
land breeze
weight or force upon something
cool breeze that circulates from sea to land
sea breeze
high pressure means _____ weather, low pressure means _____ weather
good, bad
Air pressure _____.
is the weight of air molecules, decreases as altitude increases, can balance by popping your ears
The thermosphere has _____ air pressure than the mesosphere.
When air pressure decreases, the mercury in a barometer _____.
goes down
The main reason for wind or air circulation is _____.
uneven heat distribution
A sea breeze occurs because warm air rises on land and moves toward the ocean to cool. The cool air then moves from the ocean to be warmed by the land. t.f