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Why may a patient with ascites be dehydrated?
fluid has moved to interstitial spaces
What is a common result of treating an AIDS patient with zidovudine?
macrocytic anemia
What would you recommend for a tube fed patient who develops a distended abdomen?
decrease the rate
Open tube feedings should be disposed of after how many hours?
24 hours
What type of diet does a spastic quadriplegic require?
fewer calories, increased fluid and fiber
Which age group did NHANES III increase the number of participants?
What type of anemia is likely to be seen in a patient with arthritis?
anemia of chronic disease
Which will cause the most delay in gastric emptying: lean baked meat, broiled cod, shrimp, corned beef?
corned beef
Acidic chyme in the duodenum is neutralized by pancreatic:
Why is milk packaged in opaque containers?
to avoid UV destruction of riboflavin
Which program teaches good nutrition practices and provides foods with certain nutrients?
A PN patient is receiving 45 kcal/kg, what may be the result?
A tube fed patient develops diarrhea, what is the most likely cause?
What is the most useful data in evaluating children: a)sex and age b)iron and vitamin intake c)energy intake and health history d)height and weight
c)energy intake and health history
Memory loss may be associated with a deficiency of:
When given as the sole source of energy, isocaloric amounts of which energy substrate would most effectively reduce starvation ketosis: corn oil, MCT oil, glucose, amino acids?
What is the best way to counsel a patient with anorexia?
emphasize the health benefits associated with weight gain and increased caloric intake
What is the primary fuel used by resting muscle and during low intensity exercise?
fatty acids
In which patient would you see very low albumin if it is drawn a few days after admission to an acute care facility: anorexia, 30% full thickness burn, newly diagnosed colon cancer, COPD?
30% full thickness burn
What is the best way to measure somatic protein mass?
upper arm muscle area
What is SGOT and SGPT and what do they look like in acute hepatitis?

both are elevated in acute hepatitis
A patient on a clear liquid diet should not be served: strawberry flavored gelatin, vegetable stock, apple juice, fruit flavored popsicle?
vegetable stock