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What is the process by which the water content of a vegetable is replaced by a concentrated salt solution?
Which recipe ingredient should be adjusted if a cake has a crunchy crust and compact, moist texture?
A group of rats being fed gelatin as the sole protein source are not growing well, what is the likely reason?
Gelatin has no tryptophan and is low in methionine and lysine
If you replace half and half with whipping cream in ice cream, what will the effects be on the ice crystals?
Decrease in size because there is more fat
The best lab value for assessing iron status is?
Which is the best flour to use when making cakes (besides cake flour)?
Where is lactose best absorbed?
Small intestine
Which minerals are involved in CHO metabolism?
Chromium and Zinc
Acidic chime becomes neutralized in the duodenum by?
Mixing with bicarbonate and fluids
How do you prevent frozen gravy from separating when thawed?
Prepare it with modified corn starch
Thiamin, Riboflavin and Niacin are all involved in the metabolism of what?
An increased plasma pyruvate level is an indication of what deficiency?
What electrolyte level may cause abnormal EKG readings?
high serum potassium
Protein-bound iodine (PBI) measures what?
Level of thyroxine being produced
The formula for producing the active form of vitamin D is?
7-dehydrocholesterol converting into cholecalciferol
Ascorbic acid aids in healing. Order the following correctly: proline, hydroxyproline, collagen
Proline -> Hydroxyproline -> Collagen
Biotin is considered a coenzyme in the synthesis of ______.
fatty acids
Food iron is in which form?
What does cholecystokinin cause?
Contraction of the gallbladder
Where is lactase produced?
small intestine
Which conversion requires glucose-6-phosphatases?
Liver glycogen into glucose
NADPH is essential for what?
Synthesis of fatty acids
What 5 things are required for the conversion of pyruvic acid into active acetate?
Thiamin, Riboflavin, Niacin, Panthothenic Acid, NAD
Glucocorticoids convert _________ into ________.
Protein into glucose
Fats enter the body as ________ and leave the liver as ______.
Fats enter the body as CHYLOMICRONS and leave the liver as LIPOPROTEINS.
The oxidation of fatty acids forms:
acetyl CoA
Where does mainly causes contamination of fresh meat?
What enhances iron absorption, besides vitamin C?
Acidic chime in the duodenum
What hormone inhibits gluconeogenesis?
Vitamin A is involved in the development of what?
Tissue and skin
Why does ground meat spoil faster than sliced meat?
More surface area is exposed
What macronutrient are ketones associated with?
What causes egg yolk to change color?
Chicken feed
What data is needed to convert weight into volume?
Specific gravity
What causes the tartness in fruits and vegetables?
What may be the cause of you getting sick four hours after eating, with nausea, diarrhea but not fever?
Staphylococcus aureus
Which hormone greatly influences BMR?
If linoleic acid replaces saturated fat in the diet, what happens to total cholesterol, including HDL?
What results in metabolic acidosis?
decreased retention of bicarbonate
A high protein diet increases the need for _____ and _____.
Riboflavin and water
What type of cookery should be used for meat near the backbone?
dry heat
Which method of bread-making is not as dependent on the length of time the dough sits to rise?
What does the term "USDA graded" on meat tell the consumer?
It defines quality
A cake with a fallen center may be the result of what?
Excess sugar and fat
Which of the following has the least amount of saturated fat: non-dairy creamer, evaporated skim milk, 2%, half and half
Evaporated skim milk
What causes coarse texture in a cake?
Too much baking powder or sugar
Why are children's diets often low in iron?
An emphasis on milk
How long should food service employees was their hands?
20 seconds
What are metabolites of the Kreb's Cycle?
water, CO2, energy
Which pasta contains eggs?
What 2 things does a serum sodium level of 150 mEq/L indicate?
dehydration and hypernatremia
What oils can be winterized?
corn, soy, cottonseed
Illness due to bacillus cereus is due to contaminated what?
rice products and starchy foods
The Cori Cycle converts ______ into _____.
Lactate into pyruvate
What are 2 likely causes of an 8 month old contracting botulism?
cereal and honey
Butter has fatty acids in what order of predominance? How about margarine?

Margarine: PUFA, MUFA, SAT
Which amino acid is the precursor for serotonin?
What is dicumarol and what are the dietary recommendations when taking it?
Naturally occurring anticoagulant, avoid increasing you intake of foods high in vitamin K
You become ill eight hours after eating food that was held at 70F for a long time in an anaerobic condition, why?
Clostridium perfringens
How can you measure energy expenditure of humans?
oxygen consumption
Gastric proteolysis requires:
hydrochloric acid
Patients with early signs of xeropthalmia should consume what?
good sources of vitamin A like liver, milk and eggs
Compare sorbitol and sucrose in terms of sweetness and glycemic index.
Sorbitol is less sweet than sucrose and has a lower glycemic index.
What is the best way to prevent the spread of food-borne illness?
Wash hands frequently
Why does prevention of an outbreak of listeria monocytogenes require special attention?
Because of its ability to grow at temps of 34-113F
What is phenylalanaine the precursor for?
How can you preserve thiamin when cooking pork?
Insert a meat thermometer and cook it to 160F in an oven at 325F
If CHO intake is increased, what vitamin needs to be increased?
The rate of oxidation of which branched-chain amino acid increases significantly during moderate exercise?
A food is bacteria safe if it is basic/acidic and dry/moist.
Acidic and dry
French fries made from stored potatoes would have changes in what?
Taste, appearance and texture
What % of protein and fat convers to glucose?
58% protein
10% fat
What effect do glycerol, amino acids and free fatty acids have on the hypothalamus gland?
A decrease in satiety
Clostridium perfringens is often found in:
meat and gravied mixtures in large quantities
Why might pie crust be moist the day after cooking?
retrogradation of the filling
What is the main purpose of water in the body?
It acts as a medium for cellular metabolism
What is fluid seeping from a congealed product called?
What should you do with frozen chicken that has been thawed under warm water?
Discard it
You should use _______ (more, less, the same) amount of butter when substituting for lard in pastry.
Use more butter
Which of the following must be reduced to simpler components before it can be transported across epithelial cells of the intestines: dipeptides, whey, casein hydrolysate, crystalline amino acids
What is the effect on the color of an angel food cake that is made without cream of tartar?
A yellowy cake
All baking powders contain:
sodium bicarbonate
What combines with CoA in 2 carbon fragments to make acetyl CoA to then enter the Kreb's Cycle to make energy?
Fatty Acids