Vegetarian Vs Carnivore Research Paper

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Laurent Labaut
Professor Joshua Shinn
English 101, Section 1014.
2 November 2017
Vegetarians vs. Carnivores
It is not a myth anymore that health has become one of the toughest topics to discuss in modern society. Being a carnivore or a vegetarian can make a difference in the nutrition of an individual or in fact a whole population. Doctors, laboratory analysts, nutrition experts, and a wide range of healthcare providers are focusing solely, and exclusively on the prevention of many diseases produced by the food that people buy daily in the markets. Nutrition is a very important issue in modern society. Good nutrition and balanced meals are an important factor when it comes to lengthening life expectancy. Meats are not the only way to acquire
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Meat was one of the first main sources of alimentation in antiquity, continued by fruits, and other edible resources that were recollected. Meat is as essential as the veggies for the human body. “Meat is one of the main sources of protein and vitamins, and any healthy and balanced diet, [experts say], must include meat on the menu” ( Eating vegetables is healthy, but eating meat is also healthy in not an exaggerate way. The meat provides the human organism with all the proteins necessary for daily life, for growth, and for the good maintenance, functioning and condition of one or more …show more content…
Those vitamins are necessary for the processes of formation of red and white blood cells, and for processes of protection of the organism such as the immune system. Not all meats eaten by man are harmful. Eating meat can help regulate genetic processes, according to studies at Harvard University. The proteins of the meat absorbed in the digestion process can help to correct some errors of the DNA genes and RNA (
On the contrary, eating enormous amounts of red meat can provoke or increase the risk to having diseases like Diabetes type II. lamb and goat meats are an example of meats rich in fat and lipids that increase the risk of high blood pressure, myocardial infarctions, and increased cholesterol in the blood and liver. A small portion of meat in a meal does not affect the human mechanism, is that why is so important to combine the meat with vegetables at the time to eat

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