Red Meat Benefits

There is a major controversy in the nutrition world over which is healthier, red meat (beef, pork, and lamb) or white meat (chicken and turkey). Both meats are full of protein, however too much of either can cause many adverse health effects. The consumption of meat is on the rise and the United States is the highest consumer of meat (Trends in meat consumption in the USA. Daniel, C. R., Cross, A. J., Koebnick, C., & Sinha, R.). With a fast-acting rise of meat consumption, people should be aware of the nutritional value of the food they are eating.
The role of red meat in the diet: nutrition and health benefits states, red meat is important to the diet by providing high-quality protein and beneficial fatty acids (The role of red meat in the diet: nutrition and health benefits.Wyness, L.). According to The Proceedings of the Nutrition Society, "Red meat provides a wide range of bioavailable micronutrients which are required for general health and
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Red meat has negative results when consumed in great amounts. There are always many articles linking different foods to cancer and other chronic illnesses. The biggest difference in the meats is the fat content. Red meat is known to have not only a higher fat content but also a much higher iron level. However, as a whole, when the same amount of red and white meats is consumed they have the same health effects. Both meats are high in protein and have positive health effects. In reference to livestock farms being a danger to the environment, without the farms and the farmers who tend to them many people would not eat. Farms are the foundation of our foods in this country, along with every other country. Most farmers not only produce livestock, but also the fruits and vegetables. I believe that with the current rise of meat intake around the world, people should regulate a more controlled diet to avoid over

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