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In community surveys, what is a frequent symptom of malnutrition?
low hemoglobin
Which is the least common symptom in the elderly: osteomalacia, osteoporosis, obesity, hypertension?
osteomalacia (softening of the bones)
What is included in the study of demographics?
age, sex, socioeconomic factors
A patient is on a high protein, low car diet. What advice should you offer?
increase fluid intake
An insulin-dependent diabetic calls with symptoms of nausea, vomiting and anorexia. What should you recommend?
Continue with insulin and drink anything you can
What are normal ranges for h/h for men, women and children?
m: 14-17
w: 12-15
c: 14

m: 44%
w: 33%
c: 39%
Why is an alcoholic patient with low serum albumin, low hemoglobin, high ammonia, abnormal liver function tests and ascites on a 500mg sodium diet?
In addition to avoiding grains with gluten forming potential, what nutritional advice should be given the those with Celiac Disease?
IM b12 and iron
What type of diet does a patient with Crohn's disease need?
low fat only with steatorrhea, vitamin C, B12, high kcal, high protein according to current BMI
How many ml of water per kg is recommended for the elderly?
30 ml
According to the exchange list, when substituting 2% milk for skim milk, you must omit how many fat exchanges?
What is a Billroth II surgery and why does steatorrhea often result?
Stomach is connected to the first part of the jejunum in a side-by-side manner, steatorrhea often results because of lack of pancreatic secretion due to less duodenal hormone secretion
Meats cure with whey won't be tolerated by someone with:
lactose intolerance
Chemically defined formulas are used for patients with what?
short bowel syndrome
A patient with hepatitis needs a high protein intake, what 2 purposes does this serve?
1. helps the liver regenerate
2. helps prevent a fatty liver
Which agency would you contact regarding food distribution?
What has the greatest effect on renal solute load?
Which fiber is not in the diet: cellulose, hemicellulose, amylose, pectin?
What is the diet for hypertension?
low sodium (see also: DASH)
The NHANES study looks at which parameters (choose all that apply): nutritional, clinical, biochemical?
nutritional, clinical, biochemical
What is a major reason for constipation in the elderly?
decreased gastric motility
What may be the cause of loose stools in a tube fed patient?
1. feeding administered at too high a rate
2. inadequate amount of intestinal surface area
What weight gain amount during the last half of pregnancy puts women at risk?
less than 4 lb/mo
Which hormone moves milk through the mammary ducts?
List common gastric irritants.
black pepper, chili powder, caffeine, alcohol, cocoa
Where are the hormones that control blood pressure and blood components produced?
Ingesting what would create acid ash?
corn, cranberries
What are symptoms of nephrosis?
albuminuria, hypercholesteroemia
What is IDDM and what is the nutritional therapy in a lean person?
insulin dependent diabetes mellitus, time meals
The diet for galactosemia should exclude:
organ meats, MSG
What does a ketogenic diet treat?
What theory of obesity refers to receptors in the hypothalamus?
glucostatic theory
What is the VMA test diet and what does it measure?
vanillyl mandelic acid test, measures total catecholamines
What amount of fecal excretion per 24 hours is considered fat malabsorption?
more than 7g
What are the similarities between WIC and food stamps?
regulated by USDA, have income criteria
The immobilized state can lead to low levels of what?
albumin and calcium
A cholesterol level of 240mg would be treated first with?
An infant formula for lactose intolerance might include:
casein hydrolysate, corn oil, glucose, soy protein, corny syrup solids
Fiber, like that found in oats, beans and bran cereals, results in:
increased water absorption from the intestine
A patient suffering from bulimia may have all the following except: sore throat, dental problems, extreme weight loss, rectal bleeding?
extreme weight loss
What might be the result of a patient who is unable to synthesize urea?
elevated ammonia levels
What should be included when instructing a patient on an MAOI?
Avoid: hard, aged cheese (cheddar, swiss), sauerkraut, some sausages, lunch meat, tofu, miso, pepperoni

Restrict: aged, fermented, dried, pickled, smoked, spoiled foods, sour cream, yogurt, buttermilk

Ok: cottage cheese, cream cheese, ricotta cheese, farmers cheese
Catecholamines have what physiologic effect?
cause sodium retention
What are normal serum levels of albumin?
What might a starved person expect when they first start eating?
increased workload on the heart
Which formula is high in calories, low in protein: AminAid, Osmolite, Sustacal, Jevity?
What is the allowance for Food Stamps based on?
USDA Thrifty Food Program
A poor, healthy 19 year old mother is unsure how to feed her 4 year old child. Which program may offer her the most help?
What correlates best with energy intake: lean body mass, triceps skin fold, BMI, weight?
Which fiber is insoluble in water: pectin, gums, hemicellulose, polysaccharides?
Providing only a 5% dextrose in water solution after stress might result in what?
Which section of the intestine is mostly likely to be involved in Crohn's disease: duodenum, jejunum, ileum?
What is an appropriate measure for iron status in a local community?
Which of the following may help decrease cavities: raisins, carrots, cheese, yogurt?
Which of the following diseases may lead to anemia: myocardial infarction, galactosemia, renal failure, diabetes mellitus?
renal failure
Where would you go to learn about prenatal problems in the community?
What letter designates that a product is Kosher?
The stasis of pancreatic juice and bile could result in (select all that apply): autodigestion, fat malabsorption, obstructive jaundice
autodigestion, fat malabsorption, obstructive jaundice

stasis = slowing or stopage
What is a nutritional side effect of antidepressants?
excess weight gain
What medication is affected by serum sodium levels: lithium, mellaril, valproate, tetracycline?
Homocystinurias are associated with low levels of what vitamins?
folate, B6, B12
Which of the following is permitted on a diet restricting tyramine: a)hard cheese like cheddar or swiss, b)uncured cheese like cottage, ricotta, c)pickled or smoked foods, d) tofu
b) uncured cheese like cottage or ricotta
If a patient has a biochemical block in the formation of urea, what will accumulate in the blood?
What is the main goal for a DM2 obese person with persistent hyperglycemia: weight loss or control of serum glucose levels?
control of serum glucose levels
What types of foods contain phytochemicals?
fruits, vegetables, grains
What diet is restricted in carbohydrates: reactive hypoglycemia, diabetes, PKU, galactosemia?
reactive hypoglycemia
Compare the fat, protein and carbohydrate composition of whole milk to breast milk.
Breast milk is lower in protein, higher in carbohydrate and fat
What is restricted in a diet for hepatic encephalopathy?
protein, sodium, fluid
What best measures excess calorie reserves: weight, creatinine, triceps skinfold, arm circumferences?
triceps skinfold