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What is the category-partition method?

A method for creating test cases from a system specification.

What are the six steps in the category-partition method?

1) Identify independently testable features.

2) Identify categories.

3) Partition categories into choices.

4) Identify constraints among choices.

5) Produce/Evaluate test case specifications.

6) Generate test cases from test case specifications.

What is the goal of functional testing of a software system?

To find the discrepancies between the actual behaviour of the implemented system's functions and desired behaviour as described in the functional specification.

What is the assumption of multiple elements within a single class when generating functional tests?

All elements should equally expose the error under test.

How can we eliminate contradictions in our categories/choices?

Add properties, error or single tags.

What is a property?

Some condition that must be checked prior to creating a test case.

What is an error?

An assertion thrown if a condition is met.

What is a single tag?

Only includes this choice with a single test case.

What is all-pairs testing? What is the logic behind using it?

Ensures that each pair of choices is tested once, instead of all combinations of choices.

Faults in programs generally relate to the incorrect processing of one particular range of parameter values for a single parameter.

What is all-pairs valid case testing?

Pair choices to not include error choices.

What are the two most common super-categories??

Parameters and Environment.

What is the test case number? What is the key number?

Sequentially identifies the test.

Refers to the choices made from each of the frame's categories.


Test Case 28: (Key =

What is a TSL?

Test specification language.

What is a test frame?

The result of the category-partition method where it lists all of the choices resulting from the constraints placed on the choices.

It also includes instructions on how to set up the test and how to check the test.