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What do Firefox, Thunderbird, Komodo, Miro and Songbird have in common?

They are built upon the Gecko web rendering engine.

What is reference testing? What are the three core components?

A visual testing framework.

1) Elegantly solve the problem.

2) Embody extensibility.

3) Build community.

What idea is a reference test built upon?

You can use two different snippets of web code to generate the same visual rendering. If there are difference, the test must fail.

What are reference tests controlled by?

Manifest file(s).

What are the five components to a manifest? Which are optional?

1) [<known-failure>] -- optional

2) [<http>] --optional

3) <type>

4) <test url>

5) <reference url>

What does the <type> parameter do in a manifest?

Determines what operation must be true for a test to pass.

What does the [<known-failure>] parameter do in a manifest?

Allows us to direct the system on how to expect failures and assertion under different situations.

What does the [<http>] parameter do in a manifest?

Indicates that the test should be run over an HTTP server because the test depends on certain HTTP headers or a specific HTTP status.

What is the use of a log viewer?

Render failures visually by superimposing the test image over the reference image for an easy visual comparison of what went wrong.

Why is extensibility important for testing frameworks?

They tend to outlive the applications they test.

Why is extensibility for reference testing particularly important?

It must continue to adapt to the ever-changing open web.

What kind of tests were created to deal with dynamic DOMs?

reftest-wait tests.

What are reftest-wait tests?

The rendered canvas is not sent to the compareCanvas function when the onload event fires. Instead, the author uses JavaScript to indicate to the reference test framework when to snapshot the file for comparison.

What is unique for tests in a printing test?

The print test may have printing-specific rules that creates an entirely new domain of page rendering possibilities that must be tested.

What class tag is used for print tests?


What is invalidation testing?

When part of a document changes while the rest remains intact, the part that changes is said to be invalidated.

What is important for a testing framework in regards to automation?

Moving it from a reactive framework to a mechanism for testing future technologies.