Real Estate Auction Essay

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• A real estate auction is an innovative and effective method of selling real estate. It is an intense, accelerated real estate marketing process that involves the public sale of any property-most certainly including thos that are nondistressed-through open cry, competitive bidding.

• In the private auction of real estate, the auctioneer is a unique professional that is both a real estate expert and an auctioneer, capable of marketing and selling particular real estate to a capable buyer at a price acceptable to the seller.
• This requires the auctioneer to review property, including the legal aspects of the title and permitted uses. Ideally, the auctioneer and staff will have knowledge
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(2) System:
System’s authorities are following:

•Real Esate Auction systems are a major component of that allow users at any site to sell and buy property. The sellers set up auctions for their property while the purchaser who bids the highest amount wins the right to purchase the product in an auction.

As the application is basically for organizations to take attendance of their employees. It would be used by manager and the employees of the organization. So QR code generation needs to be unique and needs better GUI.
User registers himself with the system and gets his username and password and ` also enters his personal details
On entering with the system user enters his medical details and relative details.

In case of property user search property and relative property details and can edit it.

We have basically only one user with its own accessibility rights. User have its own username and password to manage its own confidential details This password and username to protect user details.

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However for most practical systems, even after satisfactorily carrying out the testing phase, it is not possible to guarantee that the software is error free. This is because of the fact that the input data domain of most software products is very large. It is not practical to test the software exhaustively with respect to each value that the input data may assume. Even with this practical limitation of the testing process, the importance of testing should not be underestimated. It must be remembered that testing does expose many defects existing in a Software product. Thus testing provides a practical way of reducing defects in a System and increasing the users’ confidence in a developed

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