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TheChinese concept of filial piety, an aspect of Confucian values was expressed bythe best word…

D) Xiao

two policies were pursued by Han Wudi, the greatestemperor of the Han dynasty…

Administrativecentralization and imperial expansion

Which popular treatise emphasized humanity, obedience,subservience, and devotion to their husbands as the virtues most appropriatefor women?

lesson for women

Theconcept of filial piety is best explained as…

The high significance of family in Chinese society


philosophy based on learnings of kong fuzi, emphasize order, role of gentleman, obligation to society and reciprocity.


the compiled masters sayings and teaching of kong fuzi


later disciple of confucius, principal spokesman for confucian school. believed humans were basically good. cared about ren. gov by benevolence and humanity.


disciple of confucius, served as gov administrator, humans are selfish and pursue only interests. wanted strong social discipline. cared about li. limit individuals


critics of confucianism. pointles to debate issues without solution. liked reflection and introspection. wanted to understand natural principles.

the dao

natures way, original force of the cosmos, eternal principle that governs all the stuff in the wold. resembles water. didnt wanna get involved in politics


brought order to china, promoted practical and efficient approach. concentrate on military and agriculture. support the state. strict laws.

shang yang

one of the founders of legalisst movement, chief minister. he was executed super rurthless.

han feizi

most systematic studen of confucius. revealed legalist stuff and made essays on them.

qin dynasty

shang yang made people unit, private plots and large profits in agriculture. gave land rights to people. good army with iron. taken down because of civil insurrections. imperial rule. standarized laws.

qin shihuangdi

king of qin that was first emperor, ruled through centralized bureacracy, divided china into administrative porovinces and districts, built roads. walls, standarized script.

xiang yang

early capital of qin, near zhou. where qin shiguangdi ruled from.

liu bang

centralized rule returned because of him. commander, was emperor of han. gave land to members of imperial family. divided into administrative districts.

han dynasty

ruled by liu bang, same trditions of centralized imperial rule

han wudi

martial emperor, administrative centralization and imperial expansion. large bureaucracy. had imperial officers. taxes on agriculture. monopoly on iron.

confucian school

made college, bassed on confucianism, official imperial ideology.


greatest foreign challenge that han wudi faced. nomacid people from steppes of central asia. good horsement. good mobility. took over cities. from aral sea to yellor river.

wang mang

powerful minister that went through reform. regent as kid was gonna be in power. limited amount of property that was held, socialist

yellow turban uprising

rich had all money and land. peasant rebellion. head gear was yellow.