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The activity of explicitly paying for media space or time in order to direct favorable attention to certain goods or services

Advertising agencies

Companies that specialize in The creation of ads for placement in media that except payment for exhibiting those ads

Agency holding companies

Firms that own full-service Advertising agencies, specialty agencies, direct - marketing firms, research companies, and even public relations agencies

General ad agency

An advertising agency that invites business from all types of advertisers

Specialty ad agency

In advertising agency that tackles only certain types of clients and accounts

Traditional ad agency

An advertising agency that creates and distributes persuasive messages with the aim of creating a favorable impression of the product in the minds of target consumers that will lead them to buy in stores

Direct marketing agencies

Agencies that focus on consumer mailings, telephone marketing contacts, TV commercials, and other appeals to target audiences so as to elicit purchases right then and there

Creative persuasion

The set of imaginative activities involved in producing and creating advertisements

Market research

Research whose and goal is gathering information that will help an organization sell more products or services

Media planning and buying

A function of advertising involving purchasing media space and/or time on strategically selected outlets that are deemed best - suited to carry a client's add message

Account Executive

A person who moves information between the advertiser and the agency and also make sure that all production, distribution, and exhibition activities take place as planned

Creatives or creative personnel

People whose work relates directly to the creation of their firms media materials

Market segmentation

Dividing society into different categories of consumers

Sales pitch

A presentation to a client, portraying the world of the clients intended audience and attractions, to show how the client's product is valuable in that world


Creating a specific image of a product that makes it stand out in the market place

Media planners

Agency personnel who make decisions about where to place advertisements

Psychographic data

Information that links demographic categories to personality characteristics of an audience

Media plan

The list of media outlets in which companies advertise their products

In store media

The print and audiovisual ads people see when they walk into retail spaces

Cost per thousand (CPM)

The basic measurement of advertising efficiency in all media it is used by advertisers to evaluate how much space they will buy in a given medium and what price they will pay

Ad campaign

The entire set of advertisements using a particular theme to promote a certain product for a certain period of time

Location based advertising

The process of sending commercial messages to people based on their geographic location

Click through ad

A Web based advertisement that when clicked on takes the user to the advertisers website


The process of getting People or products mentioned in the news and entertainment media in order to get and members of the public intrested in them

Media relations

All dealings with reporters and other members of media organizations who might tell a story about a client

The big four

The largest agency holding companies, including omnicom, WPP, interpublic, and publicis

Press release

A short essay that is written in the form of an objective news story

Integrated marketing communications (IMC) or marketing communications

A type of PR, the goal of which is to blend (integrate) Historically different ways to communicate to an organization's various audiences and markets

Event marketing

Creating compelling circumstances that command attention in ways that are relevant to the product or firm these activities typically take place at sports and entertainment venues, by way of mobile trailers or road shows that publicize products, and on college campuses, in malls, and in bars

Event sponsorship

Situation in which companies pay money to be associated with particular activities at target audiences enjoy or value. Examples include sports, concerts, and charities


Process by which products used in movies and TV shows are provided by the manufacturer to the producers for free in exchange for the publicity

Product integration

The act of building plot lines or discussions for talk shows and reality TV around specific brands

Direct marketing

Marketing that uses media vehicles created by the marketer by phone messages, email, postal mailings to send persuasive messages asking that the consumer who received them respond to the marketer