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T/F: Torsion of the testicle is a condition in which one testicle is twisted out of its normal position; emergency treatment required.


T/F: Both of the male and female reproductive systems are vulnerable to many diseases, including STDs, malignancies, benign growths, and chemical imbalances.


T/F: The surest way to avoid transmission of STDs is the use of male latex condoms.


Failure to seek treatment for a gonorrhea infection can result in complications including:

Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID), Septicemia, Septic Arthritis

The most commonly notifiable disease in the U.S is:


HPV is commonly associated with:

Genital warts and may different types of cancer

A highly contagious virus that is the cause of genital warts and that is usually sexually transmitted is:


The treatment of genital herpes is directed at:

Reducing the duration and frequency of outbreaks

Which of the following statements is true about syphilis?

Syphilis can be cured with a course of antibiotic therapy

T/F: There are various possible causes of male or female infertility, including the presence of a STD.


T/F: Alcohol, recreational drugs, antihistamines, diuretics, and drugs used to treat hypertension can cause impotence.


Diagnostic evaluation for prostatic cancer includes:

a rectal exam, blood testing for PSA, & biopsy to confirm diagnoses

BPH causes:

a weak stream of urine with inability to empty the bladder

T/F: The best prevention of epididymitis is the early treatment of UTI


The first sign of testicular cancer is:

a painless lump discovered in the testicle

T/F: Testicular cancer is most common in men over age 60?


***The testes and ovaries are referred to as:


***Which of the following is an accessory organ of reproduction?


In the late stage of syphilis lesions called ________ invade body organs and systems.


T/F: Testicular cancer is one of the most curable solid neoplasms.


Prostate cancer has a grading system called:


Mumps in a man may cause _______.


Genital warts are also known as:

condylomata acuminata

A bacterial infection of the genitalia that causes a necrotizing ulceration and lymphadenopathy is called:


Infections of the skin of the genital area with ulcerations spread by direct skin to skin contact is:

genital herpes

The pathologic outcomes of endometroisis includes:

functioning endometrial tissue outside the uterine cavity

T/F: The absence of menstrual periods, whether temporary or permanent, is called dysmenorrhea.


The diagnosis of PID include:

Grams stain and sensitivity studies, a laparoscopy, & ultrasonography

The cause of toxic shock syndrome is thought to be:

increase in staph. colonization on super-absorbent tampons

Early diagnoses and prompt treatment of PID helps prevent complications including:

pelvic adhesions, increased risk of ectopic pregnancy, & perionitis and septicemia

T/F: A sudden onset of severe lower abdominal pain and vaginal bleeding requires prompt medical attention.


Hormone replacement therapy for postmenopausal women:

highly individualized

T/F: Prolapse of the uterus is a downward displacement of the uterus from the normal location in the pelvis.


Invasive cervical cancer:

is often considered preventable disease

_________ accounts for more deaths than any other gynecologic malignancy

ovarian cancer

Endometrial cancer:

primarily a disease of postmenopausal women, is often due to a high cumulative exposure to estrogen, & may be detected on a routine Pap smear

Causes usually associated with spontaneous abortion (miscarriage) include:

abnormal chromosomes, infections and metabolic disturbances

One of the major risk factors for ectopic pregnancy is:

history of PID

Which statement(s) is(are) correct regarding multiple pregnancies?

they are occuring more often, problems associated with multiple pregnancies are many & the fetus usually must be delivered by C section

T/F: Hyperemesis gravidarum is usually self-limiting and transient.


T/F: Although the cause is not always clearly understood, the best prevention of premature labor is good prenatal care.


T/F: There are prenatal diagnostic tests that can identify fetal genetic or chromosomal abnormalities and detect complications.


The symptoms and signs of toxemia in pregnancy, preeclampsia and eclampsia include:

hypertension, edema, protein in the urine and convulsions

In pregnancy, when the placenta is implanted in the lower uterine segment and encroaches on the internal cervical or causing vaginal bleeding, the condition is called:

placenta previa

Which of the following conditions of pregnancy is(are) considered a medical emergency?

symptoms of abruptio placentae, onset of seizures, & onset of pain and vaginal bleeding

T/F: The patient with hydatidiform mole experiences symptoms that mimic pregnancy


Risk factors that place women at a higher risk for cancer of the breast include:

family history, increased age, & hormonal, reproductive and genetic factors

T/F: Fibroadenoma is a nontender malignant tumor of the breast.


T/F: The ACIP recommends the administration of one of the two HPV vaccines to girls between 11 and 12 years of age.


More than 90% if vulvar malignancies are:

squamous cell carcinomas

The most likely cause of endometrisis is:

retrograde menstration

T/F: The pap smear was developed specifically to detect cervical cancer


Dilation and curettage is the gold standard for diagnosing:

endometrial cancer

Which of the following is believed to be responsible for morning sickness?

elevated estrogen and HCG levels

***DES may be linked to vaginal cancer is:

the daughters of pregnant women who took the drug

PID, septicemia, and septic arthritis are complications that may develop from untreated:


DYspareunia is more common in:


Impotence may be caused from:

use of recreational drugs, use of hypertensive medications, and drinking alcohol

Protrusion of the rectum into the bladder is a:


Pain that occurs at ovulation is called:


A pap smear may be valuable tool in diagnosing:

cervical cancer

Herpes Simplex Virus:

is not curable

A digital rectal examination, blood test for PSA, and biopsy to confirm are all evaluations for:

prostate cancer

Signs of hyperemesis gravidarum may include:

dehydration, abnormal urinalysis, abnormal blood chemistries

Premenstrual dysphoric disorder refers to:


HPV vaccine:

a major advance in the prevention of cervical cancer, recommended in certain age groups for girls, women and men, & given as three doses

4/D ultrasound:

adds time as a fourth dimension & results in live images of the unborn child

The treatment of torsion of a testicle includes:

gentle manipulation, surgical procedure called orchiopexy, and prompt attention to prevent permanent damage to the testicle.

The most reliable screening method for detecting a tumor of the testicle is:

monthly testicular self examination

STD rates in the _______ _______ are among the highest in the world and growing.

United States

***Silent STD


***Trichomoniasis is a(N) ________ infection of the _______ genitourinary tract.

protozoal & lower

Genital warts are usually painless, but they may ______ or ______.

itch or burn

Drug choice to treat syphilis.

Penicillian G

IS dyspareunia more common in men or women?


With regular unprotected intercourse for 1 year, what percentage of couples is able to conceive?


BPH us a common condition of men __ years and older.


The most common diseases of the male reproductive system are those affecting the _______ gland.


_______, _____ infection or _______ causes inflammation of the testes.

Bacterial, viral, or injury

Testicular cancer is most common in men of what age?


***A downward displacement and protrusion of the urinary bladder into the anterior wall of the vagina