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Physical trauma is the leading cause of death in young people in the US
Caused by friction from a rough hard surface
Type of prophylactic injection recommended to prevent an infection if a patient experiences an open trauma
Cause pain & very little bleeding
Puncture Wounds
May be smooth or jagged, depending on the object that did the cutting
Edges of a Laceration
Anything that enters a portion of the body where it does not belong
Foreign Body
Common sites for foreign bodies

* Ears

* Eyes

* Nose

* Any Surface Area of the Body

Common foreign bodies in the eye
* Bugs * Dust

* Rust * Small Pieces of Brush

* Sand * Small Pieces of Metal

* Tree Branches * Hair

Confirms the presence or previous presence of a foreign body
By staining the eye with fluorescein to visualize a corneal abrasion
Rule used to determine the % of body surface area that is affected when a person sustains burn injuries
Rule of Nines
Persons at greatest risk for sunburn
* Light or Fair Skin

* Freckles

* Blonde or Red Hair

Major burns
Are referred to burn centers for treatment
Sunburn Tx.
* Cooling w/Cool Water

* Antiseptic Spray

* Analgesic Spray

Result of thermal insults to the tissues
Shows an visible burn at the point of entry of the & point of exit
Electrical Burn
Shows cardiac or respiratory failure
Electrical Shock
Symptoms of early-stage hypothermia
* Fatigue * Numbness

* Loss of coordination * Thick speech

* Disorientation * Blue puffy skin

* Slow, weak pulse * Shallow breathing

* Dilated pupils

Temperature of 105 degrees F or higher
Heat Stroke
Core body temperature drops below 95 degrees F
If a patient calls the office after being bitten by a snake, what steps should you inform him or her NOT to take?
* Do not apply cold

* Do not cut the wound

* Do not apply a tourniquet

* Do not apply electrical shock

Areas of the body that are at high risk for frostbite when exposed to extreme cold
* Face

* Ears

* Fingers

* Toes

2 diseases transmitted by mosquitos
* West Nile Virus

* Malaria

2 diseases may be transmitted by ticks to humans
* Lyme Disease

* Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever

Substance that insects inject when they bite a person
Incubation time for a person to become ill, between the time he is bitten by a tick and when he begins to show symptoms, of Rocky Mountain spotted fever
Several days to 2 weeks
Best way to remove an insect stinger
Scrape the area where the stinger is lodged with a plastic card or fingernail
Mild symptoms of altitude sickness
* Nausea * Vomiting

* Headache * Dizziness

* Difficulty sleeping * Air hunger

* Loss of appetite * SOB upon exertion

* Rapid pulse

These mimic jet lag or the flu and can subside as the body adjusts to the higher altitude
Mild symptoms of altitude sickness
4 species of poisonous snakes in US
* Rattlesnakes

* Copperheads

* Water moccasins

* Coral snakes

Way to determine whether a poisonous OR nonpoisonous snake has bitten you
Two typical fang marks indicative of poisonous snakes

(except Coral poisonous snakes showing chew type bite)

Poisonous snake responsible for the greatest number of snakebites


Deep frostbite warming should not begin until professional medical care can be provided
People with these bites should be transported to an emergency facility
* Black widow spider

* Brown recluse spider

* Scorpion

Antibiotic treatment of choice for Rocky Mountain spotted fever
* Tetracycline

* Doxycycline

Nerve that is entrapped when a patient has carpal tunnel syndrome
Median Nerve

Tennis players are the only people who are diagnosed with tennis elbow

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Tx.
* PT

* Ceasing Repetitive Motion Activity

* Anti-Inflammatory drugs:

* Oral Corticosteroids or Local Injection

* Ice Packs

* Splint

* Surgery

What is the health care worker's responsibility in regard to reporting suggested child abuse and neglect?
In most states the worker is required to report suspected child abuse to the local or state law enforcement or child protective agency
Bioterrorism sources of danger
* Anthrax

* Smallpox

* Plague

* Botulism

* Radiation exposure

Smallpox Virus could be spread throughout the population how?
Smallpox Virus be spread throughout the population
Area of the body that would be affected by an outbreak of plague
Clues to Dx. of suspected child abuse
* Failure to make well-child visits / get immunizations

* History is not realistic

* No history of injury, yet an injury is observed

* History given doesn't go along with type of injury present

* Mechanism of injury or history is vague

* History has a tendency to change when repeated or provided to other health care providers

* When parents are interviewed separately, they may provide conflicting statements

* No history of changes in behavior of child with older injuries

* History of repeated visits with injuries; possibly to many facilities

* Evidence or history of repeated fractures or scars from previous injuries

* History of repeated accidental ingestions

Physical indicators of child abuse & neglect
* Bruising (Finger marks, Narrow bruises)

* Cigarettes burns

* Scalding burns

* Fractures

* Teeth marks

* Welts

May be in areas that are usually covered by clothes and be in different stages of healing
Are usually over soft tissue and not bony areas that would normally become bruised if a child were to fall or run into an object
May be present that wrap around with or without evidence of rings
Finger Marks
Size of cords or hangers may be seen - There may be horizontal bruises that wrap around with possible buckle marks
Narrow Bruises
These may be present anywhere, including the soles of the feet, hands, buttocks, or genitals
Small round burn areas from cigarettes
May be present, and a dipping line pattern will usually be evident where the child was held down in the water
Scalding Burns
May be present, especially in long bones
From human bites may be seen
Teeth Marks
From paddles, sticks, or belts may be obvious
3 symptoms leading to DR Dx. Shaken Baby Syndrome
*Subdural Hematoma

*Cerebral Edema

*Retinal Hemorrhage

Intimate partner violence may also be referred to as

* Adult Physical Abuse

* Domestic violence

* Spouse abuse

* Battered spouse syndrome


Emotional abuse is easy to identify
Any nonconsensual sexual contact or activity
Sexual Abuse

What does IVP stand for?

Intimate Partner Violence

Result of threatening or actual physical abuse, a pattern of behavior in which the victim is repeatedly physically assaulted by her or his partner

Intimate Partner Violence (IVP)
Most reliable method to determine a child's paternity
DNA Testing
2 major factors identified as the incidence and continuation of intimate partner abuse or domestic violence
Power & Control
How long must evidence collected during a sexual assault examination be maintained
Minimum of 7 years
3 typical stages of the cycle in family abuse
Stage 1: Tensions Build

Stage 2: Follows when the abuse actually takes place

Stage 3: The abuser feels remorse

Victims of abuse can include
* Men

* Women

* Children/Infants

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a repetitive motion injury that involves what nerve
Median Nerve
Gentle cleansing, approximation & securing of the edges, debridement, suturing, sterile dressing application, & use of tissue glue are all methods to treat
Soft tissue injury where the outer layer of the skin has been scraped away
Soft tissue injury where the skin, tissue, and bone are being pulled away from the body
Heat Stroke Symptoms
* Red, hot, dry skin

* Headache

* Dizziness


* Body temperature more than 105 F

Thoracic outlet syndrome involves compression of what nerve
Brachial Plexus Nerve
% body area burned is determined by using
Rule of Nines
Foreign bodies found in ears
* Bugs * Insects

* Cereal * Peas

* Beans * Grapes

* Pebbles * Cotton

Frostbite Tx.
Deep rewarming supervision by health care professionals
State laws vary, but most require reporting of suggested child abuse & neglect by
*Health care workers


The soft-tissue injury that occurs when a body part becomes entangled or entrapped resulting in skin, tissue, and bone being pulled from the body is a(n)
A soft-tissue injury in which the outer layer of the skin has been scraped away is an
copious irrigation of the wound.
Treatment of a puncture wound includes
full thickness.
A burn that involves destruction of the skin and underlying tissue is termed
follows the path of least resistance
In electrical shock the current
heat stroke.
The individual who has a body temperature above 105 °F; red, hot, and dry skin; headache; dizziness; and shortness of breath is experiencing
shivering, disorientation, fatigue.
The person suffering from hypothermia experiences
organisms that cause tetanus enter the body directly into the bloodstream through wounds.
Tetanus toxoid prophylaxis is important in any person who has sustained open trauma because
keeping the victim quiet and transporting to an emergency facility.
Treatment of snakebite includes
carpal tunnel syndrome, white finger, synovitis.
Cumulative trauma disorders include
the percentage of body surface affected by burns.
The rule of nines is used to calculate
thoracic outlet syndrome.
Compression of the brachial plexus nerves may also be called
Rocky Mountain spotted fever
_____ is a severe systemic infection, transmitted by a tick, and characterized by a maculopapular rash, small hemorrhages under the skin, and involvement of vital organs.
bruising and burns, observable injuries such as teeth marks, welts and fractures.
Physical patterns observed in child abuse include
vary by state but should be known.
The legal responsibilities of the health care provider in battered spouse syndrome
gentle cleansing and approximation and securing the edges, debridement, suturing, and sterile dressing application, the use of tissue glue.
Treatment of a laceration includes
cataracts, cervical spine injuries, ruptured tympanic membranes.
Complications of survivors of lightning strikes include
bugs and insects, cereal, peas, beans, grapes, and pebbles,cotton
Foreign bodies in the ear may include
scraping across it with a credit card.
The best way to remove the "stinger" from the site of an insect sting is
the risk of infection, pain, risk of tetanus.
All incidents of open trauma have a commonality in
SPFs of at least 6 are recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation as a protection against the sun's harmful rays or UVB.
Treatment of frostbite includes vigorous massage of the affected area.
There are no specific tests or documentation procedures available for the rape victim.
Victims of elder abuse are eager to admit to being victims.
Only women are victims of spousal abuse.
Carpal tunnel syndrome involves entrapment of the median nerve
DNA-parentage testing is conclusive in determining genetic profiles of the mother, child, and father.
In Shaken Infant Syndrome, which of the following is NOT and indicator that will lead to its diagnosis?
bruises on the head
Chloroquine is used to treat
Inflammation of the tendons of the thumb caused by irritation of the long abductor and short extensor tendons is:
De Quervain's disease
Which type of burn involves all layers of the skin and produces blisters?
partial thickness
Tennis elbow is also known as:
lateral humeral epicondylitis
Which of the following may help lead to a diagnosis of a foreign body in the nose?
Mucus drips from the unobstructed nare and may be foul smelling
Which of the following is an example of a crushing injury?
when your finger is shut in a door
If you go into a dark room and shine a light into the ear, you might:
get a live bug to crawl out
Which of the following is an example of an avulsion?
Which of the following are caused by a mosquito bite?
malaria, West Nile fever
It takes at least 20 sunburns with severe blistering in order to cause skin cancer.
The __________ is responsible for the greatest number of poisonous snake bites in the US
Which of the following is a difference between a coral snake and other poisonous snakes?
leaves chew marks instead of fang marks
Rust rings on the cornea may be the result of foreign bodies in the eye.
In Shaken Infant Syndrome, there is no outward indication of physical trauma most of the time.
The most common symptom of tendonitis is acute pain.