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What is a family member?

Any person related to the named insured who lives in the insured's household.

What is occupancy?

*in a vehicle

*upon a vehicle

*getting into, out of, or off a vehicle

What is a private passenger auto?

A 4 wheel motor vehicle not used for business.

What does Part A - Liability Coverage cover?

BI & PD that occur because of an auto accident.

- only protects those considered insured

- only covers damages for which the insured is legally responsible

- must involve bi or pd

What do supplementary payments include?

*up to 250 for bail bonds

*premiums on appeal bonds or bonds to release attachments

*postjudgement interest

*up to 200 a day for loss of earnings because of attendance at hearings

*Other reasonable expenses


*bi & pd caused intentionally

*damage to Property owned/being transported by insured

*damage to property rented to/used by/in care of Insured

*bi to an insured's employees

*liability arising out of an insured's ownership or operation of a vehicle used as a public or livery conveyance (taxi)

*bi or pd covered under the nuclear energy liability policy

*motor vehicles with less then 4 wheels or designed for off road use

*vehicles other then covered autos that are owned by family members or furnished for for their regular use

*vehicles used in prearranged racing

What does medical payments coverage provide?

Protection for the named insured, family members, and passengers in the named insured's auto for injures received in an accident, regardless of who was at fault.

What does medical coverage include?

The named insured or any family member while occupying a motor vehicle designed for use on Public roads

*or a trailer or when struck by a vehicle designed for use on public roads or a trailer

*and other person while occupying the named insured's covered auto

What does uninsured motorists coverage cover?

It indemnifies the insured fit bodily injury only as a result of an accident with legally liable uninsured motorists. UNDER PART C.

What (4) conditions must be met before the insured can by indemnified under part C (UM coverage)?

*The loss must be caused by auto accident and involve BI

*The loss must be sustained by an insured

*The insured must be legally entitled to recover for BI damages

*The other vehicles must meet the definition of an uninsured vehicle

What injuries are exclusions of Medical payments coverage?

*injuries sustained while occupying a vehicle with less then 4 wheel

*sustained while using covered auto as public or livery conveyance

*that would be covered under workers comp

*sustained while occupying an uninsured an uninsured auto owned by the insured or furnished for his regular use

*sustained while occupying an uninsured auto owned by a family member or furnished for that family members regular use

*sustained while the insured is occupying a vehicle without reasonable belief that he is entitled to do so

*sustained while occupying a vehicle that is being used in the insured's business

*caused by war or nuclear hazard

*sustained while occupying a vehicle located for use as a residence

*sustained during prearranged racing

What is an uninsured motor vehicle?

*no liability coverage

*doesn't have enough liability coverage to meet state requirements

*operated by hit and run driver

*invalid liability coverage at the the of accident

*owned/operated by self insured

*owned by government agency

*operated on rails

*located for use as residence

Who is insured for uninsured motorists coverage?

*named insured and family members

*anyone occupying the covered auto

*anyone entitled to BI caused by named insured/family/passengers

What are the exclusions of uninsured motorist coverage?

*Losses for BI sustained by an insured while occupying or struck by an auto that is owned by the insured but not insured for UM coverage

*Losses for BI sustained by a family member while occupying or struck by an auto owned by the named insured that has primary uninsured motorists coverage

*settled without the insurer's consent

*that occurs when the auto is being used as a public or livery conveyance

*that occur while the insured is using a auto without reasonable belief that he is allowed to do so

What does Part D - coverage for damage to your auto cover?

Direct and accidental loss to the named insured's covered auto or any nonownwned auto against loss caused by


*Other then collision (otc)

What is collision?

Impact caused by another object or auto.

What perils are considered other then collision?

*missiles or Falling objects


*Theft or larceny


*hail, water, flood


*riot or civil Commotion

*contact with animal

*breakage of glass

What does transportation expense cover?

Up to $20 per day, max of $600

*transportation expenses incurred by the insured because of physical damage losses to the insured's covered auto

*loss of use expenses for which the insured becomes legally responsible because it nonownwned auto

Duties after loss?

*Notify police if hit & run driver is involved

*protect auto & equipment from further damage

*Notify police if vehicle is stolen

*permit ins company to inspect before repair

What do general provisions establish?

Conditions for the coverage & description of the duties/obligations of the insured & insurer.

What does the Towing & Labor costs endorsement do?

Provides reimbursement to the insured for having a vehicle towed. Basic coverage limit is 25$ combined towing/labor each time. Labor must be done on site.

What does the Miscellaneous Type Vehicle endorsement do?

Provide coverage for motorcycles, mopeds & recreational vehicles such as motor homes & golf carts.