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Two major automobile exposures for which people seek protection.

liability and Protection for damage to their vehicle

Personal Auto Policy (PAP)

Contains property and liability coverage.


Define certain key terms used in the policy.

Family Member

Any person related to the named insured who is a resident of the insured's household.

Bodily Injury

Bodily Harm, Sickness, or Disease including death, that result from any of these.


in a vehicle, upon a vehicle, getting into, onto, out of, or off of a vehicle.

Property Damage

Physical injury to, destruction of, or loss of use of tangible property.

Part A

Liability Coverage, covers damage for bodily injury or property damage that the insured becomes legally responsible for because of an auto accident.

Part B

Medical Payments Coverage, provides protection for the named insured, family member, and passengers in the named insured's auto for injuries received in an accident, regardless whos at fault.

Part C

Uninsured Motorist Coverage, coverage indemnifies the insured for BI only as a result of an accident with a legally liable uninsured motorist.

Before the insured can be indemnified under Part C, four conditions must be met.

The loss must be caused by an auto accident and involve bodily injury.

The loss must be sustained by an insured.

The insured must be legally entitled to recover for BI damages.

The other vehicle must meet the definition of an uninsured vehicle.

Definition of an Uninsured Motor Vehicle

has no liability coverage at the time of the accident.

has liability coverage but not enough to meet the states financial responsibility requirement.

operated by a hit and run driver.

has invalid insurance coverage due to the insurer being insolvent.

Insured for uninsured motorist coverage includes

The named insured and family members.

Anyone occupying the named insured's covered auto.

Any person entitled to recover damages because of BI caused by an uninsured to the named insured, family members, or passengers in the covered auto. `

Part D

Coverage for Damage to Your Auto,


The impact of an auto covered by the policy with another object or vehicle, or the upset of a vehicle.

Other Then Collision

Pays almost every other type of direct accidental loss to the vehicle that is not specifically excluded by the policy.

Transportation Expenses limits

up to $20 per day

Maximum of $600

Part E

Duties After an Accident or Loss

Part F

General Provisions

Reasons an insurer may cancel a policy that has been renewed, continued, or in effect for over 60 days.

nonpayment of premium

material misrepresentation in obtaining the policy.

A regular operator of the vehicle has had his driver's license suspended or revoked.

Nonrenewal requires how many days advance notice?

20 days

Joint Ownership Coverage

The policy can be issued to two or more people who live in the same household or two or more people who are related in another way besides being spouses.

Towing and Labor Costs

Reimburses the insured for the cost of having a vehicle towed.

Miscellaneous Type Vehicle

May be issued to provide coverage for motorcycles, mopeds, and recreational vehicles.