Difference Between Home And Car Insurance

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Having the right home and or car insurance is more important than ever, in the world we live in today. Two of the most necessary forms of insurance that you will find are home and car insurance. They are also the most common form of insurance protection for that reason. In its most basic role, home insurance provides protection for our families and visitors as well. Homeowners insurance provides liability protection that insures you and your family. Home insurance will provide protection against most disasters. Flood insurance and earthquake insurance are not commonly included in the home insurance policy. Auto insurance plays a very large role in protecting us, our families, and others. Auto insurance is so important that it
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There are four basic coverages of the standard personal auto policy. Liability coverage provides the auto owner with the coverage they need when they are at fault in an automobile accident. This coverage offers two types of protection, coverage for injuries to other people and coverage for damage caused to someone else’s property while the owner or family member is operating any vehicle. So if someone accidently hits another driver, the liability coverage would not only pay for the other person’s car, it would also pay for the other person’s medical expenses related to their …show more content…
Since the liability coverage only pays for the other person’s medical bills, the medical payments coverage pays for the automobile owner’s and the passenger’s medical bills; no matter who was at fault. The third coverage is the uninsured motorist coverage. The uninsured motorist coverage protects the owner if they are involved in an accident with someone who breaks the law by not carrying their own auto liability insurance. It helps pay for medical expenses when getting hit by an uninsured driver. It does not seem fair but these types of accidents happen all of the time. According to statics, nearly1/7 drivers are uninsured which make protecting yourself an absolute necessity. In many states there is an option to purchase an additional insurance called under insured motorist coverage. This protects the auto insurance owner when the person that caused the accident has insurance but it is not enough to fully cover all medical expenses. The fourth and final part of the auto policy is coverage for damage to personal vehicle also known as physical damage coverage. It pays for direct and accidental loss to personal vehicle. There are two parts to physical damage coverage, collision for when the personal vehicle hits another vehicle or object and other than collision which covers any other type of direct accidental loss not excluded from the

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