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1. 7930.2

Notices To Airmen

2. The system for disseminating aeronautical information is made up of what two systems?

The Airmen's Information System (AIS)

The NOTAM system

3. Airmen's Information System

Aeronautical Charts -


Flight information publication FLIP -

Notices to Airman Publication NTAP

Chart Supplement

Aeronautical Information Manual AIM

4. National Flight Data Center NFDC

Was established by the FAA to operate a central aeronautical information service for the collection, validation, and dissemination or aeronautical data that supports the government, industry, and the aviation community

5. Who must immediately report any situation or condition considered hazardous to flight to an air traffic facility?

All air traffic employees

6. Who accepts and disseminates NOTAMs?

FSSs, Terminals and ARTCCs

7. Certified Source

The party who enters/submits a NOTAM to the US NOTAM Service (USNS) using an approved direct entry tool or interface.

8. What is the certified source responsible for?

The correct classification and format of the NOTAM and for ensuring that facilities affected by the NOTAM are aware of the new NOTAM

9. Tech Ops, Operations Center manager, or representative, is responsible for:

Originating and cancelling NOTAM information for shutdown, restoration, or any condition that affects the operations of NAVAIDs, frequencies, or other electronic aids that affect safety of flight

10. Known or reported malfunctions of a navigational aid must be reported to:

Tech ops or appropriate personnel

11. Who is responsible for observing and reporting the condition of the aerodrome services, facilities, and movement area?

Airport management

12. Who can close any portion of the airport?

Only airport management

13. US NOTAM Office (USNOF)

The authority ensuring NOTAM formats and is charged with monitoring the US NOTAM System (USNS)

14. US NOTAM System (USNS)

Process, store, and distribute all NOTAMs

15. NOTAM Classifications


Flight Data Center (FDC) NOTAM

Pointer NOTAM

Military NOTAM


Issued when the info required wide dissemination and pertains to en route NAVAIDs, civil airports listed in the chart supplement, facilities, services, and procedures

USNOF may edit


Issued when flight information that is normally regulatory in nature and includes (but is not limited to):

Route changes

IFR procedure changes

Airspace changes


Aerial demonstrations

18. Who is responsible for canceling FDC NOTAMs?

The issuing authority.

An FDC NOTAM must be issued to cancel an FDC NOTAM

19. Pointer NOTAM

Issued by FSS to highlight or point out another NOTAM

Keywords in pointer NOTAMs must match the keywords in the NOTAM D that is being pointed out

18. Military NOTAM

Military aeronautical data affecting FAA publications must be submitted to the FAA through the responsible military authority

21. Notice to Airmen Publication (NTAP)

Published by Mission Support Services every 28 days designed primarily for the pilots